When she bent over I …

I have a co-worker named Alice. She is very petite, about 5’2” tall, maybe 110lbs, mid 50s, with long, nice hair that she let go grey. I have always thought she was cute.

Today she came to my desk to have me sign a few papers and was wearing a v-neck top. When she leaned over to show me some details and I peeked down her top. Her bra gapped a bit over her breast and I saw her nipple. I was so excited, I got a boner. It was pink and pointy and atop what I would guess is a b cup tit. I want to fuck her so bad.

Please Alice give me a sign!

Jul 18
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    • Alice, if you are reading this please would want to hook up with me leave a blank post it note on my desk while I am gone, corner closest to my door. ;)

    • Maybe Alice would like to be taken 2 or even three guys at once? Sounds like she would look and feel good with her back arched and a hard cock poised behind her, touching her and ready to begin penetrating, and another ready the same barely touching her mouth.

    • We have a mature redhead that seems to love to tease. She has an awesome set of breasts for a 60 year old. Always wears low cut shirts, skimpy bras and she seems to look for opportunities to bend over and give you a chance to see those titties.
      Her other kink is the pants she wears, hip huggers and she will bend over in front of you so you can see her G string. Her ass ain't bad either

    • And sometimes I talk to her while she is sitting in her cube while I am standing. My dick is right at her mouth level and I think about unbuckling my pants and having her suck and lick my dick in front of our co-workers. I would love that, especially if I could pull out and cun on her face. I get semi-erect sometimes when I think of this while talking to her.

    • When my blonde slim wife was 26 she used to wear V neck sweaters often at the court house.
      Bending over anywhere near a male desk, she said, was an adventure!
      They also liked to come by her desk and ask dumb things of her - in order to get a look down her sweaters.
      She is not a busty woman - but her lovely mounds were on such nice display in her push-up bras with her cute pink nipples always threatening to pop free down there in her shirts!.....she said one guy, while fucking her, said the attraction was because it was like catching glimpses of a teenager's teats!
      A yea or two later - as she gained confidence around men - her dresses and skirts got very much shorter! Panty shots up her thighs into the crotch of her panty hose were not uncommon! Ask me how I know!

    • How do you know?

    • During our sex she shares her adventure with men. Gets us both horny beyond words....

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