Love making married women pregnant

Nothing turns me on more than knowing the woman i am having sex with is not on birth control. The key for me is to impregnate a woman that won't abort the fetus. Somehow i make a point of trying to only find attractive women that don't use birth control. Married women are the ideal target for me.

Over the past decade i've managed to fuck about two dozen married women. Some were co-workers, others were friend's wives or strangers i met through business travels.

The first time i was successful was with a friend's wife. They were constantly fighting and on their way to divorce. I tried to "broker" a peace by talking to them separately over several nights. On one of the nights, the wife broke down and started to cry three quarters of the way through a bottle of tequila. I consoled her and one thing led to another. She was so horny and so wasted she didn't bother to ask me to wear a condom. I knew she was off the pill as that was something she had confided in me during our long talks earlier that week (when she said they were fighting over whether to keep trying to have a baby). She was even open about her cycle so i knew she was right around ovulation time. After i filled her up (twice) she passed out. I cleaned her up and the following morning she didn't call me. Instead she must of felt like she got whatever she needed and reconciled with her husband. I found out a few months later she was pregnant. The wife never said anything to me but when i saw the kid i had no doubt it was mine.

That feeling i got knowing i had impregnated another man's wife was such a power trip that i was instantly hooked. After that i made it a point of searching such vulnerable women out. Co-workers that let it be know they weren't happy were easy targets. After spending so much time together during the day a night out with a few drinks loosens lips. I generally take my time on my prey as i learned the hard way that if you act too soon it can backfire.

The danger of attempting it with strangers is that it is nearly impossible to know if you've succeeded. That is why i rarely aim for them. Although when i am traveling and i meet someone that allows me to spend more than one night getting to know them, i may make an exception.

My favorite is when the woman begs me not to cum inside her at the beginning. Not wanting to risk a rape charge i always oblige, but usually as we get close to the finish line she wraps herself around me and begs me to fill her up. Women are just naturally in need of breeding.

I've managed to make at least seven different women pregnant. Six of them were married and the seventh had a steady boyfriend.
I know many will think i am a total scumbag and that is probably true, but the women are never forced and always willing participants.

To date, i've lucked out in that not one has admitted that i am the father to their husbands. I know sooner or later i'll get caught but i just can't stop myself. My next goal is to have a United Nations of offspring. Most of the women i've targeted until now have been white like me. Now, i would like to have an Asian, Hispanic and African love child. That would make ten kids and that should allow me to retire at the top of my game!

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  • I'm wanting to do the same thing. I had a 6 month affair and got her pregnant. I would love to knock her up again. Would love to get multiple women pregnant at the same time and keep fucking them as they get bigger. I often fantasize about fucking my past mistress in front of my wife and impregnating her for the 2nd time while my wife watches.

  • Do you ever worry that your children are getting neglected? Maybe the "dad" is a cunt to them. Maybe the mom hurts them, as they remind them of the mistake they made. Or in your head is everything perfect?

  • If your "United Nations" of future wombs are not married to white men, you may find yourself paying child support.

  • Excellent!

    I wish there were more men like you. When you're impregnating women, you're doing what your tool evolved to do and therefore is SUPPOSED to do. And married women are the absolute best! They're already sexually active. They know what they're missing if they don't. They're used to sex and their bodies demand sex.

    If you can stand the environment, I hope you'll start seducing wives at right-wing fundamentalist churches. They don't abort. And you'll be broadening the gene pool at the most regressive and politically reactionary element of society.

    Spraying seed into these wombs is a means of restoring sanity to the nation.

    Tell us how things go.

  • Good idea. church is a great place to meet horny repressed women.

  • Ever had sex in a church after a meeting?

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