Wife wants him again

So my wife and I were starting to get frisky and she asked if I had any fantasies. I told her I kinda liked the idea of a threesome. She said, "I wouldn't mind you and another guy." I said, "I was thinking you and one of your female friends." She said, "Well, I haven't totally put off the thought of eating pussy but I'd rather it be you and another guy."

So we did a threesome with a guy friend of ours. I fucked her while she sucked his dick. Then after I came, he fucked her. Was a pretty wild night.

So a few weeks go by. Wife and I are laying in bed. She reaches over and starts stroking my cock. She says, "Hey. Think you'd be ok if I texted Michael?" I said, "For another threesome?" She said, "Yeah if you're up for it. If not, I wouldn't mind fucking him again. He felt pretty good." I admit my cock got instantly hard. I didn't know how to answer that tho.

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  • My husband and I were discussing sexual fantasies one night and I told him about one of mine about our neighbors son who's 17 and I seen him peeing in their back yard and he had a huge cock for a 17 year old and how I couldn't take my eyes off of him well his cock anyway.
    My husband started in teasing me about wanting our neighbors son and the more he teased the more I started in wanting to feel his coc k deep in me.
    Three weeks later it happened and god he was everything I imagined him to be.
    The first time I guess he was so turned on he fucked me like a wild animal cumming in me in no time. Laying upon me panting after filling me with his cum I started in kissing him and telling him to slow down a bit the next time and he might enjoy it more and I know I surely wound for his cock was a good twice the size of my husbands and it felt awesome to have it all buried deep in me stretching me out to hold him all.
    AQ half hour later he was after me again and this time he did as I asked and him making love to me was the best I have ever had seven times he brought me to a orgasm and each one being more intense than the last then the final one we both came together as HE SHOVED ALL 9 INCHES DEEP INTO ME SQUIRTING HIS HOT CUM DIRECTLY INTO MY CERVIX oh yes I could tell.
    Well that was three months ago and since the first time he's been with me well maybe 50 times and I never say no to him.

  • That's incredible. Does your husband know?

  • After sex one night me and my wife were talking about stuff.Exs and people we had the hots for came up.And I asked her if she could fuck someone who would it be?She said straight away an old ex.I asked why?She said just because of his size,nothing else.I said so he was bigger than me.She said yes but I was way better in bed.I asked how big and she said over 9.We started rubbing each other and I was talking to her about taking his big dick and she was getting horny and she was stroking me saying we could have threesome and I was getting rock hard.She asked if id like to spit roast her with another guy and I said I would love to give it a try.We had an amazing 2nd sex session and never spoke about it out of sex.It pops up after sex now and again so I don't know if it'll ever be a serious thing.

  • Let him fill her pussy with cum and you clean it like a good boy

  • I've done this with my wife a few times. The first time I was anxious because here I'd just let another man fuck my wife and unload inside her and my only response was to eat his cum out of her with him still laying right there. He was completely cool about it though, and it's since become my absolute favorite sex act. Well, that and filling her with my own cum after I've cleaned up his.

  • Let her fuck him and you record it

  • Let them do it!

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