Have you accidently givem your wife or gf a facial?

Have you ever accidently given your wife or gf a facial? What was their reactiom? What happened?

May 1

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    • I’ve gave facials to every woman I’ve slept with on the first time. I’m obsessed with doing it. I never ask and just do it. 9/10 times they either love or accept it. You’d be totally surprised even the ones that are not into can be trained. Just fuck them real good beforehand, they’ll love it. Makes them feel slutty which they all secretly desire.
      - Real Talk

    • - Real Bullshit

    • My wife gave my best friend a blow job once and he was so excited she don’t suck him 2 minutes and he blow all in her face and mouth it was so fucking hot seeing my wife covers in another mans cum

    • Still can't forget my wife girlfriend at the time was sucking me good and I did not warn her and started shooting in her mouth as she pulled away the biggest glob hit her eye and she started screaming cause it was so hot . She went to the rest room to wash of she had pink eye for two days lol. Now over the years she taken it on the tits or down her throat like a champ.

    • So hot? It can’t be any warmer than your body’s temperature.

    • Yes, on a number of occasions. Normally when we fuck missionary, I'll pull out and aim towards her stomach or use my left hand as a jizz shield.
      Sometimes, either by accident, I aim straight ahead, and if I'm lucky I'll shoot a high-velocity load that hits her face, eyes, and/or hair. She's become a pretty good sport about it

    • I have shot my load over my wife’s face when titty fucking her. I claimed it was accidental- lol. When she’s sucking me, no way am I going to pull out. That cream is going down her throat for sure.

    • Wife was telling me recently about how a lawyer took advantage of her when she was in her early 20's. He was much older - took her to his office - ended up talking her into giving him a blow job!
      He was holding her blonde hair and her face - "face-fucking me, when he said he was going to 'cream'. I sucked hard and waited - but he pulled out and shot it all over my face, lips, neck and blouse! It would have been better to stay in my mouth! What a mess!"

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