Has anyone accidently seen your wife or gf naked?

Has anyone acvidently seen your wife or gf naked in person or in a photo? What were the curcunstances? Did she know? What was her reaction? What happened?

May 1

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    • My wife had just got home and was getting changed in the bedroom. As she was naked I decided to take advantage of my wife and starting kissing her all over. It was long before she was bent over the bed and I was eating her ass from behind and finger fucking her pussy when all of a sudden her older sister walked in to the room.

    • Yes. My wife got breast implants after her boobs got saggy from breast feeding. She went from a saggy C to a full beautiful double D. Her tits are like movie star tits, really sexy. Anyway, we had friends over, the men were all on the patio, the women were all in the kitchen table. The window shades were open, and the guys outside at night good see very well when she took her tits out to show them to the other ladies. I didn’t notice, my back was to the window, all the other 6 guys were facing the window. I noticed some staring and whispers and turned around to see what they were jeering at and there was my wife, standing not 8 feet away on the other side of the glass, shirt pulled up, bra pulled down, squeezing her boobs and talking. A couple of the women also squeezed and all were looking. I acted like it was fine, it went on for what felt like forever. It must have only been 1 minute but it was long enough for everyone to get a really good look. I didn’t want to look embarrassed but I was. Though not as much as my wife was when I told her what happened after everyone left. She said the women wanted to see and feel, some of them wanted to consider getting implants and wanted to know what they’d feel and look like. I said “well, all there husbands like yours”. She was so embarrassed but I think she was a little excited too.

    • When we married as teens - she 18, me 19 - I'd already discovered that I got a buzz when she wore very revealing clothes around my male friends. (short cut-offs, miniskirts, loose tops with no bra, etc.)
      One day 3 of my buds stopped over to our apt in the afternoon. My wife and I'd just finished taking turns licking each other's butts (she loved it - introduced me to it!) to the point of orgasm for her...
      She was sleeping nude on her tummy, legs spread just a little, (nothing rude) on top of our bed. It was summer in LA. Sun shining in on her bare butt....
      Our tiny apt had the bed very visible right next to our sitting area.
      At first I thought I'd best cover her rump when they filed in - then I thought, "What the heck, she's cute as a button - give 'em a treat!"
      So for nearly 2 hours we talked and they pretended not to be bothered by the innocent 18 yr old leggy, slim, blonde SoCal babe laying naked right nearby!
      I know I got a hard-on -- and pretty sure they did too.
      I didn't tell her for a few weeks - when I did - she surprised me by riding me reverse cowboy until I was sore! ....apparently it turned her on too!

    • My wife has 3 sisters, they are all a year apart. Now I had a sun room/breakfast nook built for her to enjoy her morning coffee and cigarette.
      Well her sisters were visiting and they were all out there drinking and smoking and I see my quiet reserved BIL sort of sitting awkwardly looking out there.
      Well with the sun shining as it was those girls might as well been naked as their nighties were just barely opaque.
      Asked if he enjoyed the view, he mumbled something and went to the guest room

    • My wife usually makes us go to the bedroom for sex but this weekend we had a bit much to drink and ended up getting frisky in the living room. My son’s friend came by to get something for my son to bring to his apartment.

      The look on his face when I opened the door and it was even more priceless when my wife walked in the entry way with her hair all a mess wearing my dress shirt.

      I know he saw her on all fours while we were doing it doggy style as I saw him looking in. Then I finished and she started licking my cock clean and then the doorbell rang

    • We were on our vacation and wife was naked in the couch she smiled and laughed and he was so embarrassed but later that night we all three got pretty drunk and y’all know happens then

    • My wife walks around undressed when getting ready in the morning. A friend of ours staying over saw her in all her glory - tits and pussy.
      My dad also saw her her sunbathing nude when he came around unannounced. She wasn’t too pleased.
      Other than that, as a model she was often seen naked but that wasn’t accidental

    • Took naked photos of my 26 yr old wife. Let my prisoner work crew find 4 of them in a field we were clearing.
      She got really hot thinking about these buys all beating-off to images of her body!

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