How do I tell him

My wife got high on some weed last night and when we were getting started with some 4 play she accidently admitted to having an affair. We stopped and started talking about this and after a lot of cussing and angry words and tears she also admitted to me that my son was not min. She will not tell me who she says it will not help it will only make it worse. my son is 10 and will always be my son even though he did not come from me. My wife does not want me to tell him but I believe that one day he will need to know the truth. I am deviated my family was just fine this morning and in less than 30 min tonight it has been shattered. The question is do I tell my son or not?

7 months ago

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    • No dont tell your son your wife fucked a superior man he's not your son. You're a cuck like me

    • My co-worker was in a similar situation. His wife confessed to an affair and he was not the father. His wife would not come clean with the guy she f**ked and whom was the real father.
      Their daughter was 3 and my co-worker didn't really want a divorce but he went to a lawyer for counseling.
      The lawyer told him to start the divorce process and since she's confessed to cheating AND the child was not his there would be NO child support and Zero possibility of alimony.
      He found out who she F**ked and knocked her up.
      BTW: They're still married and do not plan on telling their daughter.

    • I didn’t find out until “our” daughter needed a bone marrow that she wasn’t mine. Then come to find out my wife has been hooking up with my co-worker for years and it started at the company Christmas party. And it’s been our secret until she turned 18.

    • Your son is 10! You don't tell him. This is between you and her. When he is older and more mature and he knows you didn't and are not going to abandon him, then maybe. True, there are medical issues that may change the situation but for now, he needs his dad! That's you!

    • You do need to tell him but get a DNA test first just to make sure. If he ain't yours you can still lovee him. But you need to dump her ass if it's TRUE this shows you how far this brutal cunt hates you. That shit you dont just get a pass

    • You should definitely tell your son. If your wife does not want to tell you then it's likely to be someone close to you (boss, coworker, good friend etc.).

      I think you need to decide what you want, because happy normal family isn't an option anymore.

      I'm quite open when it comes to relationships. I think if you love your wife then you should want what's best for her, but your son deserves to know the truth. Also, your wife should apologise to you. Even I wouldn't put up with a cuckold son though.

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