Not sure if this is the proper place to post this. It's my first post here. It does not make me feel naughty but is outside the norm.

I am a divorced male and I love crossdressing. When I am home, I always have on a bra. When I go out, I wear bra, panties, ladies' pants and shirts. There is no way I could pass for a woman because I have a beard. I came out to my doctor about 25 years ago and she told me to wear anything I wanted to my appointments; she was there to keep healthy. The whole staff knows and have been receptive. Had an in depth conversation with one of the nurses who told me she had a brother who was a crossdresser and she could understand me completely.

As good as crossdressing is, I am also a nudist. There is nothing like the feeling of not having clothing chafing your body (except a bra). I visit a nudist resort a few times each summer and the people are so friendly and non-assuming.and absolutely no hanky panky in the public areas. If someone tries that, they are kicked out immediately.

So, I'm wondering if anyone else has experiences like this.

Apr 25

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    • I put on a pair of my wife's panties as a joke and we both had a good laugh but when I started to take them off she asked me not to because she liked how my ass looked in them. Next thing I knew she started buying me panties for me to wear all the time and she had me shaving my legs and then my whole body smooth then she had me wearing thigh high stockings at first it was just around the house for her and then it became a 24 hour thing I was wearing panties and thigh high stockings under my work clothes then came the big step one weekend she had me fully dressed up like a woman with fake tits and a wig she did all the makeup and had me put on this tight little dress and we both went out to the club I was so nervous but before long guys were buying us drinks and talking to us they couldn't tell that I was a man it was a lot of fun.

    • Oh they knew, trust me, I go to bars with my wife looking for sexy girls just like you! We both get a thrill of fucking the hell out of a sexy crossdresser, especially when fresh like you. Thrir wives love to watch! Did she get you laid by a strong man with a beautiful thick cock honey?

    • I like wearing panties and lingerie sometimes underneath my regular clothing

    • I'm still closeted! I wear panties daily and bra on occasion. I have some sexy fishnet stockings I love ro wear at work. I feel so sexy in them and soak my panties. My wife helps me slowly introducing new ideas. I have a very manly build and could never pass, but I love the idea of being forced into crossdressing (can't force a willing participant) but love the wife making me do things.

    • Where do you live? I think crossdressers are super hot.

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