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Apr 25

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    • Sirry my naughty little cum slut Ashley, it's a hell of a day going into a holiday weekend... I did indeed fuck her hard and rough. More details late.🥰❤️❤️

    • ❤️😍😘Love You!! Looking forward to the details

    • We were out running errands and I was really fucking horny.. as usual lol. We were driving down the highway, and I reached over and started to undo her pants, she looked at me first but upon realizing that I wasn't going to stop she undid her pants spread her legs and placed my hand on her clit and I started rubbing it through her panties. I saw a semi just a little ahead of us ao what did I do? I pulled up next to it and told her to take off her top and play with her tits as I fingered her pussy. Then I honked the horn ro get his attention and it worked, he almost side swiped the car lol. I looked at her and told her I needed my cock sucked. So pants down pussy out on display she pulled my cock out and started sucking and stroking ny cock as he watched her.

    • Her head and ass bobbing up and down as she sucked my cock, her saliva running down my shaft coating my balls. She started to finger herself. I knew I need to fuck her right then and there, so I got off at the next available exit with a rest area. There wasn't anyone else there so I walked around the car to her side cock out bouncing as I walked pulled her mostly naked body out of the car had her put one leg on the inner rocker panel and pushed my cock deep into her wet and hungry pussy. It has been such a long time since I fucked her in such a public place I just let that inner beast out and went hard rough and fast. The car was bouncing back and forth as I fucked her against it. Her tits pressed against the window. At that point I was so fucking turned on , I pulled her naked vody to the back of the car spread her legs open and pounded her like I used to. The whole time I thought about my little cum slut Ashley, how I'm going to fuck you my owned whore to warch, touch and masterbate to me fucking you ! I told her to get on her knees and suck me and she was obedient and then I blew my load all over her face and tits. She licked the cum off her face and rubbed the rest around her breasts..😘🥰❤️❤️

    • Went great if missed talking to you because of a asshole getting in our world did you fuck Kari good for me and cum all in her snd on her thinking of me

    • Hey Ashley it's Robert😘🥰❤️❤️ how did your apt go the other day?

    • Good morning my sexy little cum slut.😘🥰❤️❤️

    • Hey my big bent cock owner lets just post here the other page has a stupid ass on it Love You

    • How's it going sexy?

    • Hopefully you had some naughty, nasty fun with Margaret my little cum slut.

    • It looks like someone is putting a bunch of periods literally.. someone is messing with the post...

    • I can't see tou r post from 2 hours ago, I can only like it.... lol

    • I think there's an issue with the website at the moment...

    • Good morning my sexy little cum slut, hopefully you had a very hot and naughty time last night. I hope you punished Margaret so she understands their is consequences for her misbehavior. 🥰😘❤️❤️

    • Hey Baby I forgot I had Dr appointment today sorry I’m almost finished I have you some hot talk I’ll be posting when I get home Margaret is also checking on here she won’t ask do I told her I’m going to tell you she want you to tell her what you are going to do to her to make her feel worthless nasty and owned by you Love You Baby talk to you in a little but you can degrade Margaret I’m also getting horny thinking of you doing this for her ❤️😍😘🥰

    • Finger's crossed everything went well at the Dr appointment. There is a post for that worthless whore Margaret 4 comments down. As of today she is no longer to wear panties or a bra, not at work nor home.shw must wear tight short skirts, dresses, shorts, and her shirts, blouses and all other tops must be very tight fitting. Margaret, you are to make sure you flash men everywhere you go. Margret, you will not cross your legs like a proper woman you will make sure tour legs are spread. Margaret you will not deny any man who wants you to suck their cock, take upskirt pictures of you. Margaret, you will hit on married men and entice them to fuck you. Margret you will suck the cock of the man Ashley finds to fuck you in the ass after he cum deep inside your ass. Any failure ro do anything posted here... and I will have to fuck you in a manner no man has ever treated you.

    • Margaret my cheap whore, here are a few things you will learn about being an owned cheap worthless whore. You'll learn your sole purpose as a woman is to pleasure men, that you're existence is predicated on worshipping cock and you will do anything that is expected of you at all times. You will learn that I will use you for breeding. You will ask for permission to do sexual acts. You will say may I please suck you cock, will you please fuck my ass raw. You will say thank you for using me. You will learn that I will get rough with you. I will pull your hair hard as I fuck you, I will slap my cock on your face and tits, I will slap your ass as I fuck you that you will see the imprint my han on you. You won't be able to sit. I will choke you as I power fuck you. You will beg me to get rough with you. You will learm that I will fuck you in very public places. I will fuck you in front of other men and women. When you go out with your girl friends, you will shamelessly admit that your a owned cheap worthless whore, you'll brag to them all the things you do about how you quit birth control and want to be bred by your bull Robert. Now tell me Margaret do you want to be owned? Do you want to to be pregnant by me? What will you do for this to happen?

    • Yes Robert I want to be owned by you and I do want to be breed by you I will serve you and worship your dick and balls I will obey you master and do as I am told by yourself and Ashley I am very sorry for asking to remove my butt plug today master Ashley said I would be punished by wearing the bigger one tomorrow thank you for allowing me to be your worthless whore too please master make Margaret yours and Ashley’s bitch whore Thank You Master

    • Very good my nasty whore Margaret. My cum slut Ashley will be punishing you tonight, I want you to tell her to be rough with you. I want you to ask her to do something that you thought was taboo or nasty, something you said you'd never do. Furthermore, tomorrow, you are not allowed to wear panties or a bra to work. You will flirt with several co-workers. If the opportunity comes up you will suck their cocks and swallow every last drop of their cum. Before you get off your knees, you will look up at them and thank them for cumming in your mouth. You will record it and show Ashley how slutty you have been.

    • It's been a busy day my sexy little cum slut... it was one of those day's that if you were back home, I woul stop over and fuck you really rough and hard. I would havloved to be standing there as you calld your sissy fucking cuck Tony a bastard and enjoyed Margaret pleasuring you. I woyld have looked him dead in the eyes and instructed you to kiss my cock and balls while looking at him. This is how I control your slut wife!! I put a little thought into how your going to punish my cheap whore Margaret, you you two are going to go out to the bar or coffees shop, she will approach men and ask them if she can suck their cocks. She will say that she's an owned whore and she is making a mends for her lack of obedience. She will flash them her tits and pussy furthermore Margaret you will work your way down their balls and suck their asshole, pushing your tongue deep inside them. You will kiss their assholes and thank them for letting them use you like a cheap little whore bitch you want to become. My slut Ashley will take pictures and videos of you. 😘🥰🥰❤️

    • Hate your day was such a hot mess but I’ve gotten so turned on by you controlling Margaret I want you to fuck the living hell out of that slut of mine Kari and think of me and Margaret when you blow your cum deep inside her snd then make her clean your duck up damn baby I want you so fucking bad right now Love You

    • I planed on it my cum slut. I plan on pinning her down on the edge of the bed on her stomach and and fucking her until I shoot my sweet hot seed deep inside her pussy. Be very rough with our dirty whore😘😘❤️❤️

    • I’ll be back with more after I punish Margaret ❤️😍😘

    • Read below first Margaret just texted me from her work and said the butt plug was getting sore could she take it out I told her no we have to ask Robert but I’m sure he will say she must adjust to it and the pain because she has to start to take bigger ones

    • No she has not permission to remove it. Until further notice she must always have it deep inside her sort tight asshole. Tell her I will have to be very rough with her for questioning ypur command.

    • Yes we will punish her for asking and tomorrow she will wear a bigger one

    • I read your post from below my sexy little cum slut Ashley and my filthy whore Margaret. I will post more later 😘🥰❤️❤️ very hot though my cock is hard and leaving so much now.

    • Look forward to our nasty dirty commands from Robert our owner I’m glad Margaret is so into being owned she’s nervous about you telling her to let a guy fuck her asshole she knows it will be painful but I told her it’s good pain she has stopped all birth control and excited to take your fertile cum deep in her womb

    • Well Ashley, Margaret sounds very fucking sexy😘. Margret, Ashley is going to start training you now. You will obey her every request, every command. What ever sexual task she requests you will fufill unconditionally. The only limits you have is your pussy is mine. Margaret or should I say my fucking whore. Tonight you and My sexy little cum slut will play together in front of her sissy fuck cuck Tony. You two will put him in his cage as you two play. You will lick and suck Ashley's ass as she lays on her stomache looking Tony in the eyes. You'll have worship her ass and pussy asking her to degrade you. You will ask her to play with your ass. After Ashley gets your pussy and ass dripping wet she'll start to to insert a toy in your asshole. She will be gentle at first but will get more rough as your encounter continues. Margaret going forward you will wear more slutty outfits, you're no longer allowed to wear a bra or panties. You will expose yourself to men when you go out in public. How many sexual partners have you had Margaret? You will start fucking as many men as you can anally. You will suck as many cocks as you can too. Margaret tell me how much of a nasty worthless whore you want to be and what you will do to become that.Ashley my love🥰❤️❤️

    • Morning our sex master Margaret and I had a great night she did as you told her I lay on my stomach snd looked in Tony’s eyes as he sit in his cage and Margaret licked and tongue ducks my wet pussy and asshole I told him look at your wife you bastard and see what Robert has told Margaret to do she obeys well after I squirt in her mouth snd she cleans me up I lay her on her stomach s as ms eat her wet tight pussy and tongue fuck her nice asshole and get it good and wet then I slip a butt plug in her she moaned out as it went inside her tight virgin ass god Robert we love obeying you I want to find Margaret a guy to fuck her in the ass maybe by this weekend I had her wear my buttplug to work today she’s really into you and I and she told me how she love you commanding her and want you to train her to be naughty and nasty I can’t wait to bring he home for you and I to enjoy Love You 😂❤️😍

    • Oh Robert you have made Margaret and myself do fucking horny reading this Margaret is 41 years old tight pussy and anal virgin she’s not married she’s divorced and been single for about a year shes ready for you commands also she has long black hair 5’10 187 lbs and we shaved her pussy and ass bald last night she is stoping birth control today and only wants you to own her pussy if she ask for any guy to fuck her pussy you tell her no it belongs to Robert she want to only have anal and oral as myself god Robert Margaret is the one for us Pam is great also but Margaret is wanting to be controlled as a worthless whore also I will start her on anal with a small toy first I’ll will tell you when she’s ready for the real thing and you are to command her to do it she also wants to bare your child I Love You Baby So Much Thank You 😂❤️😍 I go back to doctor tomorrow and hope getting closer to cuming home many with Margaret and I’ll have help to take that bitch slut Kari ❤️

    • Hello my little cum slut Ashley. Tell that naughty slut Margret I said hello. It sounds like the two of you had a very naughty, dirty and sexy time last night. It certainly must have been a sight to see the two of you dressed up so sluty. All the eyes from the men focused hard pn your body's as you shamelessly exposed them. Bey your pussy was soaking wet through your cloths making those men wven harder. I'll admit that I had to readjust my cock as I read this. So Margret, you've never been with a woman before? Hopefully my worthless whore showed you a good time. Did you like the was Ashley's pussy tasted and being coated when so squirted in your mouth? Did you like the feeling of her licking your pussy, the way she licked ass? Did you enjoy Ashley's bald wet pussy? Did you work up the nerve to lick her ass too? Ashley told you about me as well. There are things that you must do for my approval? To be fully owned, Margret, you will have to do as I say unconditionally. Margret, you have to be submissive to me. Margret, you must understand that you're for my sexual pleasure and if allowed to be used by other men. Margret you must ask for permission before you are allowed to be sexual with other men, regardless of if it's your husband or boyfriend or just a random fuck. Margret you have to understand that you will have to do thing's you thought were taboo or dirty, you Margret have to let that inner slut and whore deep inside you out. Margaret you will immediately stop taking birth control. Margret if you joined Ashley and myself you need to understand that I will not use condoms and I will cum deep in your unprotected pussy as well. Margret I will turn you into worthless whore.😘❤️❤️

    • Ashley my slut I'm glad you made a new slutty friend. That fucking sissy cuck Tony must still be pouting that he couldn't watch you two together 😂. Ashley you nasty girl you were her first female experience hopefully you you showed her the attention that Pam did for you when she introduced you to the world female pleasures. You have to break in Margaret's ass if she's an anal virgin, hopefully she knows that will be a must for her to start as soon as possible. 😘🥰❤️❤️

    • Hello Baby last night was great after dinner Margaret and I dressed slutty and very reviling we went out for drinks and made a lot of guys horny every guy in the bar was looking at us Margaret was dancing a lot I’m still not quit up for all that dancing but she said all their dicks were hard and asking about her friend I’m sure we could have brought some guys home but her and I took a cub be to my house we sit on the sofa and had some more drinks that’s when I leaned over and started nibbling on her neck Margaret said she had never been with another woman but wanted too we started kissing heavy and I started undressing her and leading her to my bed Tony open his door and I told him he was to go back to sleep now he slam the door and I close my bedroom door and locked it we both finished stripping naked and I pushed her back on the bed and started licking and kissing her beautiful pink pussy I licked her clit till she filled my mouth with her silky smooth cum I then moved down and started swirling my tongue around her asshole she moaned loud as I pushed my tongue deep inside her asshole we then sixty nined till I squirted all over her I told her about you and she is excited to talk to you with me and said she would travel home with me and do threesome and I told her I’m go to work on getting Kari to join us also Margaret thinks it hot to have a man own you she wants you to talk dirty to her too and she wants to feel naughty and nasty also Love You ❤️😍😂😘

    • Mmm Ashley that so fucking hot! Im glad you had a great time last night. Knowing that you're such a filthy whore and embracing that little cum slut. Every day, you're learning your place and that is to serve men. You are now starting to truly understand that as a woman your only goal your one true purpose is to make men happy and fuck them, suck them. Cody sounds like hes doing an excellent job of destroying your ass and leaving it gaping making sure that sissy fucking cuck Tony can't even have anal sex with you at this point, being so stretched out he gets little to no sensation so he can't cum 😂
      I take joy how you looked Tony in the eyes as you told Cody to fuck your ass and Robert owns your pussy. I would have loved to see the look on the guys face behind you, the sight of them watching the cum run down your leg. The smell of sex radiation off your body, your body still slightly sweating form the sex, your hair a greasy mess from the encounter you just had.🥰❤️❤️

    • I did enjoy myself very much and degrading Tony as a cuck I very hot turn to me I’m out shopping and I’m wearing some tight Nike black shorts and no panties I have a nice camel toe up front my tee shirt is tight also and no bra Hastings hard nipples showing well I meet this lady at the market snack bar she told me I was looking hot today I invited her to sit at my table she is very pretty long black hair nice toys and very tanned legs we talked and I invite her over for dinner she’s a single lady her name is Margaret she’s hot hope to maybe have more than dinner Love You my dirty whore releaser ❤️😍😂

    • Very sexy look for you! Take selfie for me😘
      You want her? Go for it my sexy slut, I want you to taste her pussy, her ass and suck on her sexy tits too. If she down for it yake some sexy pictures and a video or two, who knows if you two hit it off perhaps she'll come visit you sometime. I think it's time to kick things up a level Ashley. I'm ordering my worthless whore to upload a naughty video on something like pornhub and share the link with me so I can watch. 🥰😘❤️❤️

    • I took you some selfies Baby and Margaret has came over for dinner she’s so fucking sexy I hope a few drinks will let her loose I really want to taste that pussy wish you were here to dominate us if she up for sex but Tony will only watch he’s not allowed anymore pleasure I’ll up date you later Baby and hope to make my big beautiful bent cock hard and run precum for me Love You Babe❤️😍😂😘

    • Have a sexy, hot, fun time. 🥰😘❤️

    • Morning Baby I can’t hardly sit down Cody really pounded me hard my asshole very very sore gaping a and still red and burning Tony was begging Cody not to fuck me so hard and ruin my asshole but I told him to stretch me out good god Robert there’s something I love about anal pain sex I begged Cody to treat me like a worthless nasty whore and I begged to suck hismonster dick and lick his balls as Tony said please Ashley don’t do this as lay on my stomach looking Tony eye to eye cody started pushing that monster into my already sore asshole I started to moan and cry a little as I told you like seeing what he’s doing to your wife’s little asshole as I tell cody to fuck me hard and fill me with his cum I hold onto Tony as Cody is almost ripping my asshole apart and I’m telling Tony is destroying your wife asshole I will never be able to feel your little dick inside again and Robert owns my pussy now and you will never feel it again cody tells Tony get your cuck bitch mouth under your wife now before o fill her with my cum as Tony slides under me I feel Cody start to swell and then I feel hot cum pumping inside me cody pulls out of my ass snd pushes Tony’s head tight to myasshole I start pushing my ass juice and Cody’s cum in his mouth and tell him eat it all you cuckold bitch after we finish I go to the store for ice cream wearing my tight sports bra and loose legged short shorts no panties asshole gaping and sore as fuck still leaking cum Tony didn’t clean out I felt cum running down my leg as two guy ls on line behind my were almost licking their lips I smiled at them and said yes if had fun tonight as I could the bulge in both their pants and when I sit back in my car I knew why they were hard my shorts had warm wet I’m on the seat of them god Robert I’m so ready to show you what a nasty whore you have made of me and I can’t wait for Kari and I to go in public with you with that fresh fucked look on us and both our crouch’s soaking wet I Love You Baby❤️😍😂

    • Good girl 🥰😘❤️❤️ I hope you got hot, sweaty and ccu

    • ....cum drenched. Let that nasty girl continue to grow and explore her worthlessness whore sexuality. I want you to become a true whore Ashley my whore.

    • I just got back from dinner with the girls I wore my mini skirt and no panties of course I wore my ribbon cross y to op that makes and x across my tits we had some drinks and the men we dancing up on me I could feel their hard dicks grinding on me but Cody has brought me home now and he has put Tony in his chair snd I put his cage on and I’m naked on the bed a with my asshole lubed waiting on Cody to get out of the shower my ass is still sore from him but I’m ready for the pain snd look on Tony’s face Cody told Tony he would be eating his cum load out of my asshole I’ll give you details Love You snd I will beg Cody before I do anything for him Robert you have released a nasty girl in me ❤️😍😂🥰

    • Read my below post but my I have tonight with Cody he’s leaving out tomorrow for another job I really didn’t think about taking him twice because it took a week to get over him stretching me and making me sore and raw but I need the pain one more time and I know Tony will be whining again as Cody rips my asshole asking for promission to have oral and anal sex with Cody tonight

    • You have my permission to do that yes. I want you to lean over that sissy fucking cuck Tony as Corey is power fucking your ass, look him in the eyes and tell him that your an owned whore, your Robert's slut.tell him how much more you want my cock than his. Tell him how much more you want me than have ever wanted him. Then lean in really close and tell him how much having my child means to you. 🥰😘❤️❤️

    • Very good Ashley, my little cum slut. I want you to dress like that whenever you're out and about. Short dresses, skirts, shorts. Small crop tops, tank tops, and very tight shirts. I want you to expose yourself as much as possible so you will have no hesitation to do with me. Yes, I would allow you and Kari to go out and do that together.

    • Ashley my worthless whore that's fucking hot. My cock is so hard now and is running precum nonstop. I look forward to see you doing all those sluty thing's in very public places. I look forward to doing the same with you, except I will take it a step further, I will order you to suck my cock in front of anyone who wants to watch you and i will fuck tou right there as well filling your fertile unprotected pussy as they watch. I'm glad to hear that you were obedient to him and asked for his permission I'm training you properly to be used properly. It's hot that you refered to yourself as a whore to that sissy fucking cuck Tony. The looknin his eyes ad he realized that he had no control over what his slut wife does, that another man owns and controls her. Love you too sexy slut😘🥰❤️❤️

    • Hey Baby just got back from shopping I wore with big legged shorts no panties snd tee shirt an no bra guys were turning their heads one guys wife smacked him I’m displacing my body as mush as possible to meet your command as I sit in the coffee shop four guys across from me could see under my table as I opened and closed my legs exposing my bare pussy to them I just looked over at them and smiled I’m so ready for you to fuck me in public and let me suck that big bent dick too my asshole is still sore and a little raw from Cody I wish you were here to rub it for me Tony was pissed about what I wore shopping but I told him Robert told me to expose myself more and for him to shut up and be a good little cuck bitch I want Kari and I to go out like this together and let other men look at both of us would you let that little whore do this Love You ❤️😂😍😘

    • Oh Baby I did take some pictures and video for you Cody would pull my dress back and rub my pussy at the bar and alit of guys were looking at him fingering my pussy I even squirted on his had once we then went back to our rent house and I striped Tony naked and Cody ordered him in his chair and I locked him in his cock cage Cody then pushed me down on the bed and striped me naked I to pull his shorts down and there was that monster again in my face i ask to suck him he said yes I fit about half of it in my mouth only thinking of my Robert that told me to ask and obey and men I was with as he pulled me up by my hair and bent me over the bed I begged him to please fuck my asshole he lubed up his monster cock and my little asshole I felt as he started pushing inside me I started to moan loud and cry a little it felt like my asshole was over and open flame and I was being stretched to the max I look at Tony and said you like watching you whore wife being destroyed by a monster cock he said no Ashely please don’t but Cody started pumping me harder and harder till he overflow my asshole with his cum then Cody ordered to to get under me as he pulled out of me and catch all of our mixed cum and swallow it I screamed out as I was cumming Robert fuck your worthless whore I can barely sit down today he really fucked my ass hard and raw but I love the pain from it and all I could think about is my Robert fisting my asshole in front of Tony Omg Robert I Love You 😂❤️😍

    • I'm looking forward to hearing about how things go tonight, I would expect you to misbehave a little, I know you want to be punished 😉 too. Get yourself all dressed up for him, clothes, make-up all of it make me proud.😘🥰❤️❤️

    • I’m getting ready now Baby I’m wearing my short mini red dress high heels fish nets with no crouch of course and no panties this little dress just does cover my nipples my tits really show he taking me ot for some drinks as and then back to where Tony will be waiting for us god I can’t wait to do this with you hot details to come for my sex master ❤️😍😘

    • Definitely take some naughty pictures while you're out having drinks, I want ro aee you flash him in very public places.

    • Back up again lol...😘🥰❤️❤️

    • Yes my worthless whore you have my permission to let him stretch out the ass for you, remember that you need to be a good little bitch to Cody and reply with may I please and thank you to him in your responses to him. If you don't, then I want him to punish you according. Yes it's ok to video this ,I would not accept anything less. Make sure the sissy fucking cuck Tony has a mouth full of swaty balls and a face full of his ass too. As far as Kari goes, if your successful with turning her into that, everyou want to see happen and experience with with her will happen. 😘🥰❤️❤️

    • Oh my Great Master Thank You for allowing Cody to put me in painful anal and stretch me out I will beg of his permission but maybe disobey a little to be punished Cody loves the idea that I’m owned by a guy that’s not my husband and that Tony is a cuck as for Kari’s hot little bitch whore ass leave that to me she’ll be eating my pussy and ass in no time and begging you and other guys to stretch her asshole but I don’t want anyone else dick in her pussyfoot other than yours after I have her in my control I wish we were in a hot wet juice threesome right now and all of us soaked each other’s cum I’m going masturbate now and call out to Robert my master and that fucking worthless whore Kari ❤️😍😘

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