I want to let her sleep with another man

So my wife and I have been together for 11 years so far and she let me know some years back she thought about sleeping with someone else because I was her first and only. Years ago we talked for a second about it and both agreed it was silly. So the conversation comes back up (present day) and she explains she still wondered what it would be like to sleep with another man. I told her go ahead if she wants to. I explained to her I doubt she would because she is shy but if she wanted to sleep with another guy all she has to do is tell me. I know she won't do it unless I push her to or I get another guy over to fuck her. I go back and forth on the idea but I've gotten off to the idea of her riding another guys cock. In the end I feel like I can let it happen and enjoy it with her.

Apr 25


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    • My wife also wanted to try another man. We ended up finding someone we were both comfortable with. I watched as he absolutely destroyed my wife's pussy. She loved it in the moment but she was never the same. She always had guilt and we could never see each other the same way. I'm pretty sure she slept with other guys afterwards but she always denied it.

    • So interesting, can will connect if you don't mind, send me email: inayasurug@gmail.com

    • Here’s what works for my shy wife. Take her out to a nice place, get her tipsy, take her dancing and tell her it would be hot if she danced with other guys. Tell her all the guys want to fuck her. Even better if you can get her to dress sexy for the night. Let her dance, keep the drinks coming. Tell her it’s such a turn on for you to see her with other guys, tell her to let their hands wander, tell her it’s okay to kiss them if she wants to, encourage it. Then eventually, she’ll be open to more. I’ve watched my wife fucked by dozens of guys, she loves it. It’s amazing to watch.

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