Black women

I have always had a fetish for big black women in heels I find them so pretty and would love a spanking over a black woman's big thunder thighs then made to suck her chubby painted toes before I get face say on with her huge buttocks anyone share my passion?

2.6 years ago

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    • When I was a student, I had a room in the house of a widow - she was almost sixty - who was looking for company and someone to look after. She didn’t ask for much rent, so I accepted it.

      She lived in a suburb of the city where I studied.
      The advertisement didn’t mention it and I couldn’t hear it on the phone, but when I went to her house for the first time, the door was opened by a large black woman.
      As much as I was surprised that she was a black woman, she was as much surprised that I was a white young man.
      The first few days we were both a bit shy, but later we got used to each other and I relaxed more and more. She was a very nice woman and cooked very tasty meals.

      The black widow also relaxed and she didn't care if I walked into the bathroom while she was there. I mainly did it because she had huge tits that I dreamed of.

      How it happened, don't ask me, because I don't remember, but one night when we said goodnight, I went with her to her bedroom and was playing in her bed with those huge tits from my black landlady. And of course we had sex, we were both a little nervous and shy, but it felt good for both.

      And it also got better and better after we found out that we were excited because the opposite of both of us. And my black landlady had to get used to my youthful enthusiasm. For example, she wasn’t used to pleasing each other with tongue and lips and protested when I asked her to trim her large gray bush (but she did). But she felt very flattered when I took her several times in succession.

      I stayed with her for six years and when I graduated and had to go back to your parents, there were many tears from her. I too felt sorry.

      It is my only experience with a black woman because when I was back in my hometown I met the (white) girl of my dreams.

    • You will meet her again :D

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