Wetting myself in bed

I love to put on a pair of briefs when I go to bed at night and pee in them in bed. The feel of the hot pee wetting my briefs is really good! Who else likes to wet themselves in bed?

Apr 25

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    • I wear Women's Depends when I walk my dog. Love how they feel. I could be standing and talking to someone while pissing myself. I almost pissed myself while walking the dog before I started wearing them. That's what made me get them. Hold it as long as I can then start letting it out. Feels so good.

    • I wear adult diapers when my wife is out and pee and shit myself. I cum so hard when I do

    • I am on Quora under the name Love Life. I post pictures of myself peeing in briefs in bed, if you are interested.

    • Your mattress must smell great.

    • I use a mattress protector. And towels under me. No smell on the mattress at all.

    • That's usually a sign of someone who has been sexually abused/assaulted. Has that happened to you/do you fantasize about it happening?

      I had a girlfriend a few years ago who would piss herself whenever I fucked her from behind. She said it reminded her of when she was assaulted by a family member when she was a kid and she lost control of her body. She always came really hard when I did it to her.

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