New experience with the girls

I have been with my bf for two years and love him very much. Once a month I get together with girlfriends and we usually go to a bar and just have fun. The last time we got together the bar was kind of lame so we went back to one of the girls homes. Her husband wasn’t home and it was just us girls. She had a hot tub and invited us all into the hot tub. None of us had any swimsuits with us and a couple of the girls just stripped naked and got in the hot tub. They kept badgering the rest of us to do the same. A few drinks later and all of us were naked in the hot tub. I was a little embarrassed but tipsy enough to do it. We all got pretty drunk to where we didn’t care anymore if we saw each other naked. I had gotten pretty warm in the hot tub and had gotten out and was just laying next to the hot tub. One of the other gals got out too and was laying by the hot tub. I noticed that she was looking at me. She started saying how nice my body looked and I just laughed with the other girls. She came over next to me and said I’m serious your boyfriend must enjoy your hot little body. We were all pretty drunk and I said yeah he likes it. She put her hand on my stomach and said I can see why. I was embarrassed at her touching me and I just closed my eyes because I wasn’t sure what to do. I felt her hand move up and start caressing my breasts and nipples. I was embarrassed and shocked and didn’t move while she ran her hands over my body. I had never been with another woman and wasn’t sure this was for me but didn’t discourage her. I felt her brush my bush and thought OMG what do I do. She told me I had nice legs and then asked if I had ever thought about shaving between my legs. Again I was shocked at the question and just said thought about it but never done it. A couple of the girls were shaved and told me they liked it and I should try it. I said maybe. The gal that lived in the house went inside and came back with shave cream and a new razor. I didn’t realize what she had done until the gal that had been feeling me said no time like the present and the other gals chimed In you’ll love it just relax. I opened my eyes and they were all watching me telling me to relax it will be fine. I was pretty drunk and said no I’ll pass but they were insisting that I let them shave me. I looked at them and said OMG you’re serious. We were all still naked and the gal that had been feeling me had moved towards my feet and pushed my knees up and pushed my legs apart. I set up on my elbows looking down at my naked body and the other gals gathered around as my admirer started putting shave cream between my legs. I was embarrassed as hell watching and feeling shave cream being applied between my legs. I said OMG please don’t cut me. I tensed up and closed my legs a bit. Everyone again said just relax as the gal that was about to shave me pushed my legs wide open again and I could feel and see that she was starting to shave me. I held my breath and turned red as everyone was watching me get shaved. As she was finishing I looked down and could see my lips with all hair being shaved clean. She washed the excess shave cream off of me and then rubbed some lotion on me. As she rubbed the lotion on me I could feel my bareness and everyone laughed as I was holding my legs wide open for the lotion. They all said doesn’t that feel nice. I laughed and said actually if does. Before I knew it her hands had moved up my body and caressing my breasts again. This time though I felt her body between my legs and felt her tongue between my legs and her hands on my breasts. I was embarrassed, scared but enjoying it at the same time. I have had a man go down on me but never a woman. I opened my eyes briefly to see all the others watching and the gal licking me pushed my knees towards my chest and then wide apart. I instinctively grabbed my legs behind my knees and held my legs open so she had full access to me. I forgot about everything but how good her tongue and mouth felt between my legs. I begged her to stop because I could feel an orgasm coming if she continued. She didn’t listen and I grabbed my legs and held on tight spreading them wide for her to make me cum. My body started shaking and everyone knew I was cumming. Afterwards we all laughed at my experience. I sobered up enough to get dressed and get home. My bf was up watching tv when I got home. He looked at me and kissed me and said why is your hair wet. I told him about the hot tub and everything that had happened. He laughed and said well show me. I took my clothes off and he saw my bare p**** and said he liked that a lot. He was horny and ready either by the story or my new shaven look. I came again. I asked if he was upset. He said unless you are trading me in for your gf I’m not upset at all. I laughed and said no. I said are you sure you’re not upset about another woman between my legs? He said no, he said the thought of another naked woman spreading me and making me cum was hot. He laughed and said can he watch next time? I said OMG no and there may never be a next time. He said that’s up to me but he liked my bald p****. I kind of giggled and said me too.

Apr 25

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    • Omg! That is absolutely hot! Shaving is a pretty intimate and vulnerable act... There has to be more to this story. No one just spreads their legs, gets lathered and happens to end up shaved bare!!

    • I agree and if I was hubby I would be furious I wasn't the first to do it or at least around to see it happen.

    • Alcohol was involved lol

    • I like that story. Just the right combination of innocence and naughtiness.

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