My friends mum

My friends mum is 34 covered in tats he lives with his dad. I was 16 comming home from school when rain pissed out from no where i decided to get shelter at my mates mums house when i knocked and no answer after a few mins i went arround the back and looked in her window there she was naked star fished on the bed i was gawking at her massive tits and perfectly shaved tattooed pussy in aww i lent on the window and it moved i got brave after a lil slid the window open climed in and got so horny looking at this beatiful tatted milf i couldnt help myself as i touched her tit she made a noice I touched her boobs before i noticed she was injoing it i decided to get more game and rubbed her pussy her legs shut and breath changed as i stroked her pussy she sighed and her legs opened really wide And she moaned i went to rubbed her agsin as i was cought i though i was in so much shit she looked at me and said well finish what you started as i got naked snd done as she told me i learnt alot ;-) thanks you hot minx and every now and then i get to be her sex toy .

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  • Hey fuck me and be my sex slave

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