Would people ever guess your wife likes to flash?

My church going, choir singing - very proper seeming young wife gets really sexy on long road rides.
5'7", 135'bs, long blonde hair, blue eyes.....sexy little tight ass and long legs. Thighs to die for....
It doesn't take much before she will slowly start to get horny enough to fulfill that thing that couples fantasize about. Men want their wives to do - and some few wives will volunteer to do it!
. "Hike your dress, spread your legs - show yourself to passing truckers!"
She'll wiggle her tight jeans shorts off - and lay back and let them look at whatever bikini panties she is wearing that day. Spread her legs as though she is asleep for a nice look at her crotch in those tight panties.
Sometimes!....especially if she has been drinking......she will lift her butt and slide off her bikini panties and give them what she knows they really want to see, her blonde pussy.....! She'll splay it open and smile up at them!
"What are they doing? -did they get a good look at your puss?!"
"Oh yeah - he sure did! He smiled and licked his lips to show me he'd like to lick ME!"
Would anyone ever guess this woman is that sexy - and is so comfortable with her body that she would easily share it with strangers?!
If you ever met her - not a chance you'd ever guess what a sweet cunt she can be!
Her well hidden philosophy is: "Men like to look at women - and women like to look at men. It's just nature - don't fight it!"
BTW: she is one super hot little fuck in bed.
She's had plenty of dicks in her before we married - but you'd never know it by her tight little cunt!

Apr 22

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    • Same here. My wife is a prude in town but too wild for me when we are far from home

    • Yep, no one would guess my wife, a teacher and normally conservative looking MILF loves flashing her body. Just last week while out of town, she constantly left the shades open in our hotel window while dressing, and we had sex with her facing the window with the lights on all her idea. She loves flashing her ass and tits, sometimes her pussy to men at hotel bars and windows. She’s less likely to do it up close, but I have had her nude at a beach in Mexico and another in San Diego. She gets so excited and horny after.

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