Neglected wife.

I could never bring myself to actually cheat in real life. I love my boyfriend but our sex life is almost non existent now. I'm perfectly happy with him in other aspects. Although, I am extremely frustrated and I have a higher sex drive than he does. I'm Kinky and he is vanilla. Sometimes I fantasize about cheating. I like to imagine a "guest" in our home who observes a failed attempt to get my man to make love to me. Instead of lying next to him I go to the couch to read for a while after my man has left for bed. After a while I can no longer ignore the fever in my skin and the tightness of my cunt. Of course I think everyone is asleep and I set my book aside, and begin to touch myself through my silk panties. My pussy is already so wet. I can't help myself and I begin to play. I try to stay quiet but I moan and my breathing gets louder, unaware that our company is awake and watching. As I begin to lose myself he makes himself known. He kneels before me and pulls my panties down slowly. At first I try to push him away. He knows I'm married and I love my husband. But my body responds so willingly. After a few more half hearted protests I begin to yield. I'm dying inside knowing what I am about to do. But my body is desperate and I'm so sensitive after such a long time of being neglected. Slowly I give in to this man. He tells me that I'm such a beautiful woman and that my husband is letting such an amazing wife go to waste. My legs shake as he places his head between my legs and eats me out. He smiles when I beg him not to stop. My mind and body are so conflicted. My cunt wets so easily and I don't fight when he begins to finger me. Now I cant take it anymore. I fully reveal myself to him. He grants every wish my husband refuses to indulge. Yes, after so long I'm being fucked just the way I want to be.


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  • You must have your husband by the balls. He was out for the count in the next room while you milked some guys cock. I suspect if he had walked in the room where you were screwing, you would not have stopped for one minute. You probably would have told him to shut up and sit down, and wait his turn

  • Lucky you , you get to fuck some guy with hubby sleeping in the next room. I guess you know your man well enough , he was out for the count while you milked some guys cock. I suspect if hubby walked in you would not have stopped for one minute.

  • Good for u. You deserve a good fuck especially if your husband is not fucking u like u deserve to be fucked. I’m a man and also do my best to satisfying her. I want to introduce her to anal sex but she really is not into it. I would love to find a woman that likes her ass fucked.

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