I slept with someone

I slept with a very good friend of my husband, at my husband’s instigation. When I say slept with him I mean that I sent the whole night in guest bedroom with him making love. You think that people make this stuff and that it never happens. We (that includes his late wife) all went to school together. As couples go we all got married right out of school. My husband is 63, I’m 61, he is 62 so you know we been partners for a long time, and his wife just passed away from breast cancer. It was pretty bad to see him so depressed. First my husband knew that I had feelings for him back then. Second I hadn’t had sex with my husband for 4 years because of his ED, I used to not want it, until I couldn’t get it. You know how that is. Finally it just seemed like the right thing for me to do.
He was hesitant at first. We just cuddled at the beginning. Then it was raw sex, that we both wanted to fill that empty place. After a rest and post play, we made love together. Fell asleep in his arms and awoke to an erection pressing against my butt checks. We did it one more time, then went to have breakfast, husband left a note on the table that he had called to go to work. We had an adult conversation on what had happened, then we showered together. He got dressed and left.
Hubby is happy that I had some release, I know that I love my hubby, but if this circumstance presents itself again I don’t think that I could turn it down

Apr 17

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    • It took some time, but we figured out the best way for our sex life to stay interesting. My husband and I agreed to swapping. The search was and long and difficult, finding the right couple, that we were both into and would be safe around. Once or twice a month, we would swap for a day or two, even a whole weekend together, some times we would stay at each others houses, hotel, resorts. But for that time I would be that persons wife. We have 2 separate couples to select from, we don’t speak during our time apart except for scheduling our next encounter. I feel as if they’re my 2nd husbands as they know every detail about me. Hubby and I still have great sex, being with others just amplifies it, but these men don’t finish inside me, my hubby’s only request, if they want that feeling, they put a condom on when they feel like they’re about to finish, then they can bust inside me or I just swallow. Once a year around Christmas I’ll let them finish inside me, then hubby and I won’t have sex for like 2 weeks.

    • My husband had a friend that wanted to have sex with me since high-school he always made comments about my big boobs and thin waist and my ass. After we got married he told my husband how lucky he was to have me always staring at me. One day we were drinking and his friend was over as usual and my husband said to me why don't you just fuck him and get it over with the more we drank the more I was interested in him. So I looked at my husband and grabbed his friends hand and led him into the bedroom. Well he fucked me for a long time telling me how good I felt and how glad he was to finally have me. I have to admit he was good in bed and he was bigger than my husband and I had a couple of orgams with him. We continued having sex together for a couple of years and my husband knew about it. I had to break it off with him because he started having feelings for me and wanted me to leave my husband that wasn't going to happen. I am glad that my husband is not the jealous type and he let me have other boyfriend's after that.

    • If this works for you and your husband then that is great. As long as everyone is on the same page then it’s all good. What can happen is that you develop feelings for your friend and you may want to be with him rather than your husband. Hard to keep it just sex but it can be done.

    • I’m hoping my wife has a bit of fun on our upcoming holiday abroad. I’ve got ED now and she used sex as a weapon in our younger days, went fuck bonkers through her menopause, I can perfectly understand why husbands advertise for men when their wife hits that part. We’ve mellowed a lot now, I’m 63, my wife is eight years younger and I’m ashamed to say my manhood isn’t working and she still needs a fucking.

    • I think most women use sex as a weapon. What is that song, if you want it you have to put a ring on it ! What a crock ! My wife gave me more sex when we were going together, as soon as we got married then it became a chore.

    • Sounds like my second wife lol

    • Hot

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