My Weakness

I have fathered a number of children with married women. I was in my late 20's when the first of these happened. She was a secretary at company near the store I worked at. She and I had an immediate connection and I went to her place when I left work. She said her hubby was out of town and had a low sex drive. Found out I had gotten her pregnant a week later. She said she got a test and it was positive and had sex with him that night and said later she told him a week later that he was going to be a dad. 2nd time was a woman I met at a business networking who knew her hubby had a low sperm count and couldn't make her babies. She would visit me every day for ten days straight at her most fertile time. Had a baby boy 9 months later and another 11 months after that with her. Husband looks liking me had gotten her started with me. 3rd woman was six months ago with a woman I knew from working with her before. Again, unsuspecting hubby. That's my weakness. By the way, all of them did s*** they hadn't tried before like anal, living out fetishes, including one who loved being raped as part of the act. Another loved to give a bronchial cough while holding me in by holding my butt cheeks with her hands and legs wrapped around me. All of them couldn't get enough.

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