Exciting cheating

Is sex better , more intense when the husband doesn t know but the wife rubs it in his ignorant face ? I had an affair with a co worker who' s husband was away on a business trip . We had just arrived at her place when the phone rang, it was hubby calling to tell her he had arrived safely. My heart stopped and I froze . She on the other hand was calm and made small talk to put him at ease. " Don ' t worry hun, I just got in and am tired, just a shower then bed for me." She asked him about his day and reminded him to charge his cell. I was in shock on how well she handled him . I knew then that he was clueless about our affair. While talking to him on the phone she pulled down her skirt and undies , sat down and pointed to her pussy, she wanted me to eat her out while talking to him. I nearly jumped across the room and began my labor of love. She wrapped both legs around my head and pushed my face into her crotch , all the while talking to her ignorant husband. After hanging up on hubby she dragged me into the bedroom and we had the most intense sex we ever had. Later I asked why she was so hot after talking to hubby. She explained that she felt completely dominant over him. This dominance made cheating more intense . She said she had done this before, fucking a guy and talking to hubby on the phone and him knowing nothing . She also said it was exciting to fuck a guy while hubby was in the next room or in the same house at a party. So whats the answer, is it more exciting when its dangerous to be having sex ?

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  • I was at a coffee joint, overheard this sexy sales rep talking to customers. Struck up a conversation. She had a room nearby but rather do phone time here than by herself. She was married 42, big tits. I said want some company? She said sure, get condoms. Met her in her room. "Kept my clothing on figuring you'd like to see me strip." And she was right.
    For 2 years we hooked up when she was in the area. I told my wife i was going fishing or some other bs. When i told her she was my only other partner in years she let me go bareback. She said her husband saw our messages. We did it a couple more times. But she said he somehow knows. Got a little creepy for both of us. We ended it.

  • I was married 12 years before I realised I could cheat and get away with it almost right under hubbies nose.Now happily married 15 years and have an amazingly varied sex life.

  • I see your point. Once you know a person , you know what you can get away with. You almost know what they will say before they say it. I have seen married women lie to their husbands faces with the evidence right in front of them and the husbands fall for it every time, almost.

  • It is more exciting when the thought of being caught is real.

  • I was having an affair with this woman and her husband called right in the middle of us having sex. She picked up her phone and answered it. She was nonchalantly talking to him as she continued to ride me. I was like oh fuck, but she acted like she was at the store, the whole time grinding down on my dick.

  • I love the excitement, the rush it gives me, the fact that another man fucks me, while I’m speaking to him, is a rush in itself. And the fact that we’re in the same location (party, or house) and I have someone inside is amazing. My hubby once got so drunk we had to carry him inside, after I was giving his buddy a blowjob in the car on the ride home, and after we got him inside and on the bed, his buddy fucked me right on the bed, with hubby pasted out. My legs were shaking to no end with joy

  • Yes , for some reason married women love to humiliate their husbands in that way. While fucking a man , they talk to their husbands on the phone as if nothing is going on. Meanwhile they are humping the shit out of some lover . Usually its in their bedroom or maybe the kitchen. The wife will say." that's where he eats his dinner," or" that's his pillow under your ass". The best is when the lovers cum starts running down the wife's leg while hubby is there. They could be in bed or at the dinner table. The wife will put off the stupid husband with some excuse , and hubby buys it.

  • That is the story that you will think about for the next 30 years, trust me! I have similar ones to that, and I'm still surprised after all these years how much they still turn me on whenever I think about them!

  • Yes I also will never forget events like that , I remember like it happened yesterday. I loved the married ladies I was with and their courage in a tough situation. They seemed to relish it .

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