He is older, so what?

I saw a post recently concerning older men and younger women. It must have been deleted as I can't find it anymore. Regardless, here goes. I am 22 and about to marry a 49 year old man. His wife passed away a few years ago and we have been together for a couple of years. He is successful, teaches at a local college, and treats me great. I love him dearly. Our sex life is great....at least once a night, last Saturday we did the deed six times over the course of an evening. He is tall with blonde hair and is in great shape.

My parents lived in the same town with me until Dad got transferred and they moved about 300 miles away. That's when my relationship with my fiancée took off.

Here's where it gets good.

I went to spend the weekend with my parents and told them I want to marry Tom. They had a fit. Threatened me in several ways. I left the room until they calmed down. Mom came outside to the patio and started in again. So I said, "Is this because you dated Tom in college and left him to marry my dad?" She said that was no secret and had nothing to do with the present situation. So I asked her if it was because she had an affair with Tom which continued almost until the day they moved. She got all red faced and denied the whole thing. I then took out my phone and said, "If that's true why do I have a photo of you and Tom with his cock shoved in your ass?" I showed her the photo along with several others I took when I was about 19 and saw them having sex in her bedroom.

Needless to say, her attitude changed quickly. I agreed never to show the photos to Dad, she agreed to support my marriage.

When I got back home, I told Tom what happened. He just smiled. It was such a turn on for him, knowing that I showed mom the photos, we fucked for hours. He has hundreds of photos and movies of him and mom fucking. And I intend to see them all.


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  • Tom needs to have a threesome with you and your mom. Thst would be hot! Bet lots of guys here are wanking just thinking about it. I have a bud thst did it himself a few times.

  • Didn't mean to feed your fantasy but Mom offered already. I think it may happen tomorrow night when she come for a visit. They still have stuff at our house.

  • Yes!! Did it happen? Tell us how it went!

  • It did happen. I will say I certainly have no sexual urges toward my mother, but once she got here for the weekend things progressed quickly with Tom. Mom and I double-teamed him. For one thing, we took turns sitting on his face while the otherr one rode him! I will admit that it was hot knowing that we were in bed with the man who took my mom's virginity, my virginity, and as it turns out, my older sister's virginity! (Guess he just made a run through the Berringer household). I did enjoy watching them together, and it drove me out of my mind watching them go at it, then him cumming in my pussy with the same cock he used to deflower out entire family! My mom's pussy must taste good, it was sweet when I had it in my mouth after he fucked her.

    I found out that he and my Mom had several threesomes back in the day. I consider myself somewhat bisexual and have been with a couple of women. Tom and I discussed a threesome with another woman. Long story short, I told him that I would welcome the opportunity with him. He was immediately turned on....he made a phone call and a couple of hours, two women who he teaches with showed up at my house! They are a bisexual couple who live together. They are both tall and very attractive. The three of them tied me to the bed. The women took turns eating my pussy out while Tom rotated between the three women. He fucked us all at least twice each. I loved eating his come out of those pussies. When I didn't have his dick in me, I had either fingers, tongues or a dildo. I will have one of the women as a professor next semester. She invited me to stop by anytime for "private tutoring." I can't wait!!

  • My young cousin married a guy like Tom. Your marriage won't last. When playing house gets old and your husband ages and to tired or unmotivated to go out for any type of night life you will get discontented.

    You kids just know every gawd damn thing don't you.

  • What do you know!!!

  • Ok so you’re fucking your moms old boyfriend, and you’re kind of helping him blackmail her into what? You having a relationship with him? I’m lost. You sound fucked up to me.

  • Jealous much!!

  • I think you should follow your mother's original advice unless you want to spend your still healthy years being some old coot's care giver.

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