Feeling Randy

This is a true story.
I remember, that I had being feeling randy all morning and for most off the morning my cock was rock hard, and the only thing that stop me playing with myself was being at work.
I knew that my girl friend was not working that day and that she be at home all day.

All morning I was watching the hands on the clock, wondering if noon was ever going to come and finally it arrived and I ran out of the office and straight into my car driving to towards her home and by the time I arrive there, my cock was bursting at the seams.

I knock on the door and as soon as she open the front door, I just push my way into the hallway and I grab hold of her and kiss her, feeling her tongue playing with mine, it drove me mad and I could feel her body responding.
I just pull away from her, and swung her around and pushing her body forward and pinning her onto the stairs.
Using my left hand to hold her down and my right hand to pull her skirt over her head and I did not bother to pull her thong down, I just ripped it off there and then, I still remember her saying that the thong was new.

I did not care, She must have been feeling horny herself, because I slammed all my weight through my hips, my penis just slide into her with ease, and I pushed my cock deep into her cunt. She gasps loudly as my penis slaps into her wet cunt.

She was trying to speak, But I did not hear her and I did not care, I needed release, I manage to grab her hair and pull her head back toward me, I could hear her moan and I kept pushing my cock, deeper and deeper into her.
Until I could not hold back any longer, and shot my full load of fresh hot sperm deep into her warm, wet cunt, with sheer relief, normally I would not have come so quickly and just to prove It, I made love to her again that night without rushing.

Apr 9

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