Perley white

My wife of many years won't suck my cock anymore after being a cock sucking slut to me and my friend for years but she's still getting her sperm intake without knowing see every day I jerk off onto her toothbrush and let it completely dry. it becomes rock hard I flex it back and forth to soften if not it would rip her gums open from being dried rock hard everyday and sometimes twice the stupid cunt brushes her teeth with a whole load of dried sperm you can smell the cum compared to my brush that smells like mint. ever morning I get to watch her brush her teeth it gets me turned on seeing it she leaves for work 20mins before me so that gives me time to freshen up her toothbrush by the time the dumb cunt gets home it's already again for her. the funny thing is when I watch her she really seams to enjoy the taste .

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  • Wife and I met at a cafe near where we worked. After about a month of chatting over lunch 2x a week. I took her to McDonald's for take out. Went to a secluded picnic table. For desert she passed on the apple pie and gave me a blowjob. I'm like WTF is happening here. A keeper -- that's what's happening.
    On the way back 'I probably shouldn't have done that, my sister says I should at least wait till the 3rd date." She's given me 3,000 + over 45 years now. Still get 3 or 4 a week. She loves cum and says it's like Popeye's spinach.

  • Pearly....don’t take meth and write posts in here.

  • Next time clean your ass with it.

  • Hell, I'll do that

  • For a year or so I thought my stepdad was a bad cook. He’d make us breakfast on sundays, but it was always off. One night, I had just snuck in when I heard him get up. I thought I’d play it off, like I was just getting up, but when I went downstairs I heard weird sounds. When I peeked he was jerking off in the pancake batter. I just ran back upstairs, and only drank coffee that day.

  • Oh believe me it's more than a few dry flakes but yes for sure I nail her food when I can with a good load of cum and for her coffee I usually give her a little squirt of piss

  • Filthy beast

  • Like she doesn't rinse her brush off before brushing her teeth? Just blow a load in her coffee or food, or something, so she gets the full load, instead of a few dry flakes.

  • Not good advise, piss off arsehole

  • Perhaps instead of rushing home after school to jerk off on mommy's toothbrush, you might try some tutoring in grammer and spelling.

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