Get out i told him....bullshit you take to long and i need to take a shower..i had taken my shower dried up and put my night shirt on and waited for the sweat to dry up the mirror and was brushing my teeth.....
He dropped his shorts and i couldn't help but're nothing but a stupid jerk i called him as he stepped into the shower....i opened the door to stop the sweat from gathering in the mirror while i applied my face cream... he stepped out and dried himself off ....i couldn't stop sneaking looks at his man hood .....while my hands were full of cream he got behind me lifted my night shirt and rubbed his cock between my ass cheeks....i wanted to kill him but also found it funny .......he picked up the towels off the floor and saw him peeking up my shirt i turned around leaned back against the sink and tried to kick him away he held my leg outwards and lifted it exposing my pussy ....he placed his mouth on it and i tried to push him away with my creamed hands but it didn't work i was wet and moist practically melting with him sucking on my clit and labia i turned around to wash my hands and bent over and his cock entered me somewhat uncomfortable but he managed to slam it deep into me while i washed my hands i held on to the sink cabinet as he slammed his cock into me .....after a few hard strokes he pulled out pushed me down and jerked his cock cuming all over my face with cream.....and walked off heavily breathing ......i cleaned my and washed my face he was sitting on the couch ....i walked up to him and told him to finish what he had started by lifting my shirt and he did i had a very good orgasm in his mouth making him lick it clean....but he didn't stop there he got on top of me this time raising both my legs up i guided his cock to my pussy and he slammed it all the way i needed to feel his huge thick cock in me i couldn't believe that he could get hard this soon but here i am on the couch feeling him deep in my pussy ....he pulled out got up to my face and this time made me suck him off that was the first time i tasted my pussy juices in a mans cock ......while he was about to cum we heard a car door close he quickly ran out to the bathroom i got my composure and turned the TV on....My mother needed help bringing in the groceries ...she calls out to Jack for help and i tell her he's in the bathroom...but he shows up to grab the bags did you get to shrink i asked him ...i jerked off in the toilet and finished......i laughed after the groceries were all put away ..i told him don't worry big brother i'll make it up to you ...soon..and laughed

Apr 9


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