Creeping Homosexuality

Last night she bends over the bed to let me fuck her from behind. She’s still hot for 48, blonde (above and below) big tits, mom bod, thick but not fat. I watch her for awhile, then run my cock up and down that wet crease. Finally I have to think of gay images to get hard, and I do mean hard. Finally I get inside imagining she’s a sissy. I’m getting close, but she hasn’t gotten off yet. So I snap back to reality to pull in the reins. In 30 seconds I’m limp as a dishrag. The guy who first turned me out told me I was fooling myself to think I was bi. He said I was gay. He said some day I wouldn’t be able to stand the sight of pussy. And that I would then know he was right. It seems like maybe he is right. Maybe that day has come.

Apr 5

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    • Me too. Love cock now.

    • I’m glad to see like minded men in the replies. Makes me feel like I’m not alone

    • Yes! Forget that stank pussy and get some stuff cock with creamy cum. All women do is bitch bitch bitch and make you bend over backwards for it. With men it’s like no games or love me shit. It’s raw sex

    • I'm there.

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