27 year age gap too much?

I've put this in the fetish category, but it could be any really.

I am 53 male and the female is a divorced 26 year old.
I am literally old enough to be her dad!

I posted an ad on a well known site, asking for friends and/or a travel companion as i make multiple domestic business trips each year, and these can be long and lonely. I made it clear in the ad details about my age etc.

I had this reply after a few weeks from a 26 year old divorced female, who is really lovely, and a sweet & kind person. (Not a spammer for a change).

After having some chats and swapping emails / pics etc, this lady is happy to travel with me when I next need to, she also randomly said she would be happy to share a double bed (and not just sleep), instead of me getting two rooms when travelling.

She 'claims' to be on the pill, but will come of it if I wish, but regardless of that is a 27 year age gap too much?
As she said, she is my young girl, and i am her old man!

Mar 28

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    • Only if you're 30

    • And she's three

    • My husband is in his 60s and he doesn't get hard anymore with his permission I have been having sex with a 26 year old black man and I am 54. Age is just a number just enjoy yourself.

    • Does anyone have any appropriate questions i should ask her in case i have missed anything in our previous chats?

      thanks in advance

    • Female here. I don't see anything wrong with the age gap. It's a kink of mine, and I know plenty of people who've made it work long term, if that's what you're looking for.

      But if it's not then I'd put 2 condoms on, just to be safe. Sounds like impreg is a big kink for this girl (offering to share a bed, fuck, and even get off the pill with a guy she's never even met yet), so she might be looking to make it happen even if you don't want it to...

    • Thanks for your feedback.
      Yes it does all seem a bit sudden for someone who hasn't met in person yet, BUT I think this is more due to her age and maybe a degree of naivety than having a hidden agenda to get preg etc, as she has has mentioned on multiple occasions that she is glad there were no kids involved during her divorce, and she is currently on the pill until she is ready to start a family.
      Money isn't on her agenda as she earns much more than me and has a well paid job in the care industry.
      We have had many conversations albeit via email, and swapped pics etc and comes across as genuine and inexperienced sexually.

    • Another reason i think she is just making naive decisions is that after a couple of chats she offered me a key to her flat, so i can visit anytime, even if she's out at work. whilst i appreciated the offer she made, im not taking advantage of her, so politely refused this offer for now.

    • Yeah, this just makes it sound like you're being trolled.

    • I am 64 and my 2 last fwb were 29 and 37 plus a 19 year old 3 years ago!Enjoy it my friend. Nothing like young pussy while you can still do it lol

    • Sounds good, she has had only one previous partner, and only had very basic sex in missionary/doggy positions, only been licked once (as her ex didnt like it), and never sucked cock but wants to try!

    • You have lot of teaching to do son lol
      But again she might just be telling you that too. Think about it

    • Poke her!

    • She just wants your money. That’s all.

    • To be honest that is what i thought at first, but its the opposite. she has a well paid job in the caring profession (i've seen proof), and she also offered to pay any traveling expenses when we meet/travel as she earns more than me.

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