I ran into my ex last Friday night at a bar we used to go to. She was dressed in one of my favorites outfits she has and was sitting with 3 guys at least twice her age. She is 27 now and we've been divorced for a little over a year now. We exchanged hellos and I just went and sat at the bar to have a drink. A little while later one of the guys that was sitting with her came over and tapped me on the shoulder. He told me that she had told them we were divorced so I wouldn't care what she did with them, then he asked if that was true. I confirmed our divorce and told him I still had feelings for her but she was her own boss. Then he said so if the 3 of us take her to a room and fuck the shit out of her you won't be interfering will you? I told him no I wouldn't interfere. He left and went back to the table and the 4 of them got up and left. So I guess my ex is now a whore.

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  • I dated my wife for about six months the first time. Then we broke up due to an argument over nothing. She later told me that the argument was just so that we would break up and she could date other guys. We got back together almost two years later and after sex one night I mentioned that she wasn't as tight as she used to be. She told me that she had been with 14 guys when we were apart so she certainly wasn't. She asked if I minded and I told her not at all since before she was too tight and it was sometimes difficult to get inside her. Now it wasn't any problem at all!

  • Some women go full-on slut after a breakup. I dated a woman for 3 years, we broke up for personality reasons primarily. Sex with her was fine and to my knowledge she never cheated on me. We had a lot of mutual friends and after we broke up sometimes my ex would come up in conversation. I swear about half of my guy friends were fucking her, dp's and shit. She turned into a casual sex queen after we split up. I didn't really care, but it was a bit of a surprise.

  • Good boy

  • I ran into an ex-gf one afternoon at the sports bar I go to. Hadn't seen or spoken to her in about a year, so, seeing her walk in with two grungy biker guys was only a surprise because she knew it was my usual place. She came to me, said hi, and "These are two guys I just met at the Rover", which is s town, private club. Like most, nothing updated or special and has been there for 50-60 years and is mostly a local yokel membership thing.

    Said my hello's to the guys real quick, and she sat herself down next to me, then the guys on her other side. It was a weird feeling having her as close as we use to be, and two other guys who came in with, if not were "with" her, but I did well with it. She went to the bathroom and the one guy leaned over and said "You used to fuck her? She told us". I said yes, I did, but that was none of their business. I then turned it back to him and asked "Did you already? One or both have at her?". He said no, they just met her, but "Would take her even if she didn't want us to. She seemed like a slut back at Rover, then we come here and she says she used to fuck you. She'll fuck anyone, won't she?".

    Not wanting her to get hurt, ex-gf or not (I still had at least human feelings for her, if not romantic), I waited for her to return, did my usual cozying up to her that I knew she'd go for, paid our bill, and left with her, leaving the guys on their own, without her. If she was that bad anymore, I could at least save her from two guys who essentially said they'd rape her if she didn't have sex willingly. Fast-forward to now, and...I'm back with her.

  • Now THIS is a real story.

  • My wife is a slut and I love it

  • My wife is a slut as well

  • If it's any consolation, your wife will end up with a pussy as big as a house. I'm sure your ex-wife obviously had those hidden desires before you got married. You just need to find someone who would never want to be a slut.

  • Hahaha. Thats awesome. Sorry, no disrespect to you.

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