At the end of last April I needed to get away for a bit, so I hooked my camper to my pick up and went camping for a week, the camp grounds were pretty empty so early in the season, but their were a few of us around. I started to decompress for the stresses of work and what not and by the third day I was feeling really good. One day, early in the evening after diner, I went for a walk in the wooded area of the camp grounds, as I came to the bushes that separated the camp sites from the wooded area I heard the sounds of what I new was a spanking. I could hear a smack and a cry of pain and some teary, "I am sorry mommy, I won't do it again." and some firm, "You should have thought of this before, now you will really be sorry."
I peeked over the bushes and saw a women and girl I had seen a couple times since I arrived, with the mother giving the girl a bare bottom spanking with a hair brush behind their camper. I guess with the camp grounds so empty she thought they wouldn't be seen. I don't know why but the scene of a girl, who I would guess was about 12, being given a bare bottom spanking aroused me and I pulled out my hard cock and started to jerk off. The spanking ended right before I came and I loved cumming to the girl's teary face as she pulled up her panties and pants. I saw the two of them a few more times and each time I had to go into my camper and take care of a raging hard on.

Mar 28

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    • You will enjoy your ass stinging as soon as somebody puts a dick in you.

    • I don't get why some guys love seeing women getting spanked.

      That said, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that if I HAD to get spanked, as an adult, I'd prefer a bare bottom spanking. I'd want a male boss to do it with only coworker men, that are into seeing that stuff, watching from really close.

      I don't want the pain, but I welcome the excuse to be over exposed in front of my male coworkers and bosses.

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