What's Under That Mask?

I've been dreaming about what's under your mask lately. What do you look like? Why do you still wear that mask?

In my dreams, you are kind of handsome. I hope that's the case in real life, but if that's true, I see why you keep the mask on.

Most people in my office building who still wear masks do not look good under their masks and know that they need to wear it as a more breathable version of wearing a paper bag over their heads. I'm hoping you still wear a mask because you're so attractive that you'd make my pussy - and the pussies of others at work - a slipping hazard. Our pussies would be so wet and throbbing that we're nonverbally begging you to feel how wet you make us.

Please prove my dreams right. I'm tired of the mystery that is your face.

Mar 28

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    • He’s probably a psycho. People who’ve worn masks the last 2 and 1/2 years in spite of science showing that they do not stop the spread are science deniers.

    • I am so turned off by mask wearers. I know at this point it's a type of neurosis, not a potentially fun kind of crazy. I should make a video of a masked girl getting fucked in her ass, then her pussy. The dude pulls out, then she pulls the mask down to suck his dick and lets him cum in her mouth before pulling the mask back up.

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