Am I gay?

I am and older man and I find myself fantasying about men and having sex with them. I will look at gay or bisexual porn as well as straight porn. Maybe I'm bisexual....?

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  • I had older boys cuming in my ass in grade school. In middle school I learned how to suck. All of it's cool!

  • My bisexual and love it i love cock and pussy i dont care about labels i love men cumin in my mouth it amzaing i fantasized it then i did it i reget not do in at sooner

  • Me too. I've always had girlfriends, and I am attracted to women still. But a gf gave me a makeover in college and ever since then I have fantasized about being crossdressed, madeover, and having sex with guys. I sometimes look at porn pics of blowjobs and find myself judging the dicks. That one looks alright, don't like that one, but OMG I would suck that dick. That guys really needs a blowjob, I can tell, and I'm sure I could give a great blowjob. That is what I find myself thinking. And anal? I want it up the ass. Yes, I am bisexual I think.

  • I'm bisexual and have been pretty much my whole life. Fantasizing about men and watching gay porn won't make you gay. I enjoy sex with a woman but I much prefer sex with a man, if that's your situation then you are bisexual.

  • You are gay like me brother. Stop denying it. You are wondering about me right now. What we could do with one another. I would love to be with you and hold you close on a cold night. Then after hours of love making cuddle up with you. I recently went to see Bohemian Rhapsody and found myself longing to have been old enough to have know Freddie Mercury. Well I would have been young to him but could have. I think we could have enjoyed each other. It's ok to be gay man stop thinking it's not. Plus you don't have to run around and act like a sissy to be gay. I personally know some very masculine gay men. Truck drivers and sports stars who are gay. It's not a big deal. What makes men crazy and scares the straight men to the point of becoming violent is they fear they too may be gay if even just a bit.

  • Really, truthfully admitting to myself that I really was homosexual was the most liberating thing I’ve ever done. I’m done trying to convince myself that the feelings I have aren’t wrong or dirty because I’m gay. I love indulging in my sexual desires now without feeling shame at what I’m doing and just enjoying it!

  • Who cares. enjoy

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