Anyone ever come up with 12 days of sexmas for holiday season? I have been trying to come up with a list for a wife who is pretty vanilla, while i am open to exploring fantasies. I am open to any suggestions or ideas.

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  • Thanks! Sone very good ideas for us to try, love hearing suggestions, keep em cumming!

  • Licking the candy cane (blowjob), cookies and milk (oral and nipple sucking)?

  • Have u tried "down the chimney?" Have her put strap on and do you

  • We tried things like "cookie decorating" one night using icing on each other, "xmas card" taking naked photos of each other, "sit on my lap" dress as santa and schoolgirl, "naughty and nice list" light bondage, "winter wonderland" having sex in front of window while watching it snow outside, and "xmas day" unwrapping my wife under the tree.

  • My husband and I are very open with each other sexually, I give as much as I take from him. We were listening to that song one year and he told me that I should blow him for twelve days straight starting with one today and work my way up to twelve on the last day. I told him there was no way he could have even ten orgasms in one day, it was a great time on the twelfth day swallowing his last orgasm around ten that night and each day I had numerous orgasms myself. We always joke around that it was one of our best holiday seasons ever.

  • It's a fantasy but that is ok we all have them. Vanilla wife and you want a horned up X-mas time. I get that but ...not gonna happen.

  • Give her testosterone and it will. I am now a whore for my hubby.

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