Set up

My 54yrs wife went out with some friends at about midnight a taxi driver knocked on my door and said your wife is passed out so helped him get her in and onto the couch paid him and he left so I thought I would teach her a lesson so I laid her on her back pushed up her skirt and removed her knickers next I pushed up her top and bra and exposed her tits I then put bite marks on both tits then I spread her legs and fucked her after I cum in her I stuck my fingers in her tock some cum and smeared it on her lips then went to bed when she got up she screamed I ran down stairs ask what's up she said oh bad dream when she was in the shower I heard fuck what have I done I lay there with a big smile she has never got drunk again

Mar 20

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    • So…. Same situation, wife returns home wasted, Uber driver rings the bell, I go out to get her, carry her inside and she whispers let’s go to the spare bedroom. I lay her down and we have sex. I finish inside of her, and I’m thinking she’s horny from being out all night dancing, and flirting with other men. In the morning, I woke up and headed upstairs to shower before the kids woke up. Sometime in the afternoon I heard her on the phone with someone she said it was her sister, but I over heard her saying, I’m leaking, I’m leaking cum. Then she asked didn’t he use a rubber? My head was spinning. I was pissed. That night she attempted to get me to have sex with her and the rest of the week. She tried every night. But I denied her the satisfaction. We are still together, but now I track her movements. But I don’t say anything, and I found myself a side piece. Debating on when will it be the right time to leave. Maybe when the kids go to college

    • Leave now I said the same thing you will regret waiting so long. Trust me she did it drunk she will do it sober just saying

    • My wife knows that if she gets that fucked up and she is around me and any number of other guys that we will all fuck her, she knows this and expects it. It happens 2 or 3 times per year, knowing this keeps both of us turned on all the time.

    • I would of gave to her in the pooper so she knew she hot fucked and finished giving her a dirty sanchez so she would think she cleaned of someone's pecker full of shit.

    • My wife showed up wasted almost out. Her friend had given her a ride but couldn't get her to the door. I helped her and we put her on the couch. I was going to find out how far I could get before she passed out. When I started undressing her, she mumbled something about no more. As I opened her blouse, I found cum on her stomach. Opened her bra, it was completely filled with cum covered tits. There was so much cum it was leaking out of the bottom onto her belly. I removed her jeans, there was a lot of cum in the crotch and her panties were missing. I threw a blanket over her and left her just like that. She slept until afternoon, took a shower and acted like nothing happened. I tried to get her tell me what she did and she would just say she drank too much. I didn't push for answers. I do have a new approach to sex now and it's working out pretty good.

    • When my wife gets like that I let them actually fuck her.

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