Jo buddy

I’m married and have been for several years. I have had a jack off buddy for about 6 months now. He’s bisexual. He works on the other side of the same line as I do. We talk about lots of stuff. He asked me a while back if I would ever be interested in messing around with another guy. I told him that I’ve had sex with men in the past. He asked what my wife thought about it. I told him that I never told her. At this point it would be kinda weird to tell her. He said one day as we were walking out to the cars after work I should come over and see what happens.

We got in his bed. Just side by side. Both of us naked. We jacked off together to gay porn. We did this a couple times a week for a month. My wife doesn’t like it when I masturbate. She doesn’t want sex but once a week and I’m way hornier than that. So I just work “some overtime” a couple days a week.

So a month goes by. Next time we get together he reaches over and jacks me off. I do the same to him. He asked if it was cool. I said totally cool. Normally we do this a few days apart. The next day we were walking out he said, “You wanna come over?” I said, “And get naked?” He said, “Of course.” I said, “Sure thing.”

We started off doing the usual. This time instead of him jacking me off he leans over and starts sucking my dick. I love it. While he’s going down on me I say, “Hey baby, think I can get in on that too?” He said, “Did you just call me baby?” I said, “Yeah. Sorry. Just horny as hell. Kinda just came out.” He said, “It’s totally cool.” So we 69d. First time me sucking dick in over a decade. I swallowed his load. I’d never done that before.

Next night at work he said, “This morning was kinda cool.” I said, “It was. My wife doesn’t give head.” He said, “Well, I’ll take care of that from now on.” So on the way out the door after work I say, “So want to go back to your place?” He said, “3 days in a row?” I said, “What can I say? You get me going.”

This time was different. We turned on the porn but he layed on top of me and we made out. We sucked each other’s dicks. Then I rolled away from him and pulled him to me. We spooned. I rubbed my ass against his cock. He said, “You ok?” I said, “Yep.” I grabbed his cock from behind and said, “I want you to put this inside me.” He leaned over and got some lube. Lubed his cock and my asshole. Then slid it in. It hurt but only at first. He sucked on my neck with no hickey and fucked me. God it was amazing. Loved it. He layed on the bed and I got on too reverse cowgirl. I jacked off while he fucked me. In that moment I was gay. I came first. All over myself. He came right after. Inside me.

We have been having sex after work 5 times a week for the past 4 months. It’s what I look forward to now.

26 days ago

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