Destroy Susan Wojcicki

This stupid bitch ruined Youtube, what were the execs thinknig putting this incompetent cunt in charge of YouTube. She's banned youtubers for no reason, she refused to ban Logan Paul after every dumbass thing that loser has done, she clearly has a vendetta against smaller youtubers, and she implemented COPPA so why is this stupid bitch still working at YouTube? Hell this dumb bitch isn't even fit to work the registers at McDonalds.

I say we should all storm YouTube Headquarters and abduct and fucking torture this bitch to fucking death, she deserves it for all of the bullshit she has done to YouTube.

I hate this bitch and her stupid looking face that I want to smash this bitch in the face with a hammer. I also would love to give her the Trevor Phillip's Treatment and rip out everyone of her teeth and then wrap my hands around her neck and make her choke on her own blood.

Fucking Bitch also deserves to have her eyes stabbed with a screwdriver, and also be stabbed in her Vagina, along with having her tits cut with scissors.

Then douse what's left of her with Gasoline and set Susan Wojcicki on fire because the fucking bitch deserves to die.

Your Judgment Day is coming Susan Wojcicki, you better resign now.

2 months ago

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