Wife’s book club was crazy

My wife had her book club at our house last week (they rotate) each month. I’m pretty sure they drink a lot more wine than actually discussing the book, and they are all good friends though they don’t socialize together outside of book club so while I have met them before, I really don’t know them or see them.

So I went upstairs to watch TV while they were downstairs in the family room. Somehow they got on the topic of spanking men and whether guys like it. At one point they asked my wife Rachel to go up and ask me if guys like it. I laughed and said “maybe, I guess it would depend on the guy and how it was done”. She went back down and about ten minutes passed. She came back up again.

“Would you let me spank you?” She asked . I said “I suppose, if it made you happy and don’t me too much”. She asked me to come down and share that with girls “to prove that men would do it”. So I did, thinking not much of it. 4 other ladies, All attractive and between 35-45 or so.

Carrie (cute blonde) said she did not believe me and and I should prove. And a few other chimed in the same and they kept pestering me to prove it. Finally, I agreed and laid across my wife’s lap on the sofa. And she gave me a few slaps. Everyone laughed, but Carrie, the instigator, said it don’t count because I was wearing jeans and that I should take them off and do it in my underwear. Quite a bit of cheering prodding later, I stripped off my jeans and in my boxers resumed the position. Rachel gave a few slaps and it wasn’t bad. More concerning to me was that I got a semi boner. Then Carrie walked over and asked Rachel if she could give me a few whacks. She did, and told the other ladies they should try. None really hurt but by now I had a full on boner but I was still facing down.

When they finally had their fill I stood up. I knew they’s maybe see my tent in my boxers. What I didn’t know was that my hard cock had broken through my boxer’s opening and my was standing at attention visible to all the ladies! The whooping and laughing was loud! They all agreed, “that settled the question, men like it”. I was embarrassed and tried to fit back through the hole but it was too hard.

I finally laughed it off and said I better go back upstairs. Carrie, bold as always, asked if if I was going to jerk off to relieve myself. I said “maybe”. Going along with the room. She said since you are so hard and excited now why not let them watch.

I looked at Rachel who laughing so hard and covering her mouth and she just shrugged her shoulders. So I stripped and jerked off in front of them all and blew an enormous load which drew a great applause and laughter.

I went upstairs again and that was that.

Mar 18

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    • My wife has a garden club. I m36, wear lingerie and serve wine to the ladies at our home.

    • My wife is in a card club. Canasta and bridge. There are 8 of them and o always scurry off to my man cave as they are nasty. They range from 38 - 57. They talk some serious shit about all men in general.

    • Should've really fucked them all up and their men by eating your cum for them. Then they'll take that shit back to hear hubbies. I love eating my own and have really opened a few couples up to the idea. It almost becomes an obsession once they get started. Men usually want to do it then chicken out. That's where she comes in and makes them do it.

    • Lol, fake or real post, that's great. Wanna join a book club now.

    • You should have jizzed on their faces

    • I wish I could have!

      I wanted to duck Carrie in front of the rest of them and cum on her face.

    • Cum in my mouth

    • I would love to, will you swallow?

    • Auto spell correct is a bitch.

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