Has your wife changed much since marriage

Are all women the same ? My wife certainly changed a little after marriage.
Sex was not as frequent.
She became a lot less willing to give or even get oral.

Then after our first child was born her change was more radical.
Sex became a chore for her.
Quit trimming her bush
Threw out her sexy lingerie, quit wearing it anyway
Quit any oral sex

Are they all like this

Mar 15

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    • Yep, she’s my ex wife now.

    • I got my first wife 36 years ago and took a second wife 7 years ago. Having two wives is the best thing ever and there is no adultery. Sex life is awesome.

    • My wife and I have been married just over 30 years and we haven't had sex in 3 or 4 years. I jerkoff every night next to her in bed while she reads.

    • I cheated on her when the sex died out in ours. I didn’t go to great lengths to hide it either. She knows but doesn’t “know”. But ever since that time she offers it to me often. It’s been years and she still does. It’s slowed a bit now but we’re still more active than most I know at our stage. Rollo Tomassi calls it dread. I have a platonic relationship with a woman now that keeps her on her toes as well. She gives me attention, the wife brings me sex. And it’s not duty sex either. Tomassi calls this passive dread. She’s in the change now. It’s definitely slowed a bit and if it dies out completely, I will have others.

    • Rollo Tomassi? Seriously? Are you also following L. Ron Hubbard and Jim Jones? You’re a real independent thinker I see.

    • Started dating my wife when we were both 15. Once she gave it up, it was like she couldn’t get enough cock from me, and if I’d have been smart enough to have believed a few of my friends any cock.
      Anyway at 17 she gets pregnant so I had all my credits and graduate a semester early so I can go in the service as I needed a job.
      Like the rest of the guys on here, the intimacy declined year after year, then like some others change of life came for her and sex abruptly halted. I heard all of the excuses and all of the justifications.
      Found out that there was someone out there that “unwrap my pussy for you in an instant; it would be dripping waiting for it to be attacked with your big hot dick, over, and over, and over again! Xoxoxoxoxo”.
      Found that text, after 38 years of marriage where that fat bitch sat on her ass the whole time. That’s when I started planning on an exit strategy.
      So happy ending, I’m single living comfortably. I have a few women I see that are more than willing to be with me.

    • My wife has gotten fat and nasty over the years. I fuck her when she asks but otherwise I just fuck my girlfriend. She is aware I have a girlfriend and deals with it. I told her if she lost 75 lbs I would break up with her, 2 years later she is 20 lbs heavier. She's made her choice.

    • I married my wife when she was 17 years old and even at that age she was known as the town slut she was a hot looking girl that loved to get fucked and suck dick and I loved how she was so open and free willed woman I have ever known and it never bothered me that she was with so many different guys. After we got married she didn't change and continued her lust for sex with anyone she wanted. We had a lot of fun together and she always took care of my sexual needs in her 30s she started slowing down a little in her 40s she only had one boyfriend that she was fucking and me I was only getting her once a week or so just before she was almost turned 50 she stopped all together fucking other guys and if I was lucky I was getting a blowjob once a month but even that stopped. She just didn't want sex anymore at all. I ended up turning to other guys for sex mostly because it was easier than trying to find a woman and my wife doesn't have a problem with me sucking cock and getting ass fucked to get some kind of sexual pleasure.

    • Fucking story of my life, man! My wife did the exact same thing - went from several times a week to maybe once a month if I'm lucky - and yet she gets mad when I beat it to porn in the bathroom every night!

    • Was married 25 years. We had 5 children, the wife was starting menopause but certainly didn't have much of a sex drive at the time. I had a young woman that I worked with and she was struggling what with 3 small children, divorced.
      I enjoyed helping as it was fun to be with a young person that wasn't constantly bitching about one thing or another.
      I ended up having sex with this young lady, I'm not the most experienced lover in the world but the enthusiasm and gusto she put into fucking was amazing. She certainly was a bright spot in my life.
      Should have gotten divorced but still had 3 kids at home.

    • I got pregnant at 14 and throughout my years up until I was 32 I had for 4 children total, I was weighing close to 260 pounds. But husband used to make fun of me all the time because I was fat, I didn’t want to shower. I basically let myself go. I felt so disgusting I didn’t want him touching nor did I want to touch him. I finally got the gastric bypass, started taking care of myself, looking better than ever, and I never once stop to realize or think about my husband. I was receiving attention from everyone else, and I enjoyed it. Being complemented, flirted with, it was 19 years since someone flirted with me. I started having an affair, one guy after another, it didn’t matter who, or where, I lost count with the amount of men I slept with. I even had my tubes tied because I didn’t want to get pregnant. Then one day, I was having an orgy with his boss and 2 other coworkers and in walks hubby, and that’s when it hit me, he’s working and I’m screwing around, when I should’ve been taking care of my husband. No one wants to fuck an ugly fat bitch, and that’s what I was, I went days without even taking a shower, and he still came home every night, even laid in bed with me, then I lost all that fat and jumped on the first dick that said hi to me.

    • Married 30 years.
      During dating she seemed to LOVE to give and receive oral. Since marriage she made nearly all oral stop. She stopped trimming and slowed up on legs too but for Sundays. Once she was done making babies, sex slowed down to less than once a year. Occasionally rejuvenates to 2-3 times a week, but then some months without any. She also stopped wearing sexy lingerie. Started sleeping on the couch. Last 10 years she sleeps on the couch way more than she sleeps in our room. She blames my snoring. She snores too.

      From the beginning my bride has eagerly welcomed me to cheat on her. For some reason, she thinks real men cheat. I'm not going to Hell to turn her on.

      All of our children are convinced we are eventually getting divorced. Our oldest is convinced I am her unwitting beard and mom is gay. I'm not convinced either way.

    • Once you have a kid together, you will never be as important as the child - so be prepared to meet Mrs Palmer and her 5 daughters or get some strange. If you are open to it, get into the bi scene - best BJs I have had are from men.

    • Same went from 2-3 times a day now it's 2-5 time a month if lucky

    • Sounds like my first wife. Twice a month and i was lucky to get THAT!
      There was plenty of women here in Vegas, married and single, which needed more so i got mine and they got theirs

    • Many are, my wife hates sex until I took an approach to be humiliated and some light BSDM iseas. Hell she seemed to fucking not want me anyways, so what did I have to loose? She now is as involved in my sexual gratification as I am. Rarely gets any herself but that's her choice I guess as she 99.99% of the time tells me no! Don't really care anymore though. I get mine is my attitude now.

    • Mine is like that. We have been married a little over 30 years and we have sex probably 3 or 4 times a year. Do what I do find someone else to fuck on the side

    • Ever think about letting another guy suck your cock?

    • I have done that. Guys suck great dicks, I would never suck theirs but they can suck mine anytime.

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