Norma 5 The Lap of Ecstacy

A few years have now blown past. I was now in college. As I had gotten older, my attraction to women wearing sheer stockings never waned. If anything, it became more intense.

Every so often, I would see Norma as she drove past, and she would smile and wave. Other times I would see her in the yard, and I would recall the earlier experiences I had with her and because of her.

It was not until a spring evening of my freshman year in college that my sexual desires for Norma rose to another level.

We were both at a neighbor's house for a party. Most everyone was nicely dressed. Norma was wearing a white blouse and a dark blue skirt that barely reached her knees. Covering her legs were cinnamon colored sheer stockings and she was wearing black pumps. Norma still had that quiet look of sophistication. When she smiled, I still melted.

As I sat in the living room, I noticed that her legs were crossed as she carried on a conversation with another neighbor. I heard the familiar sound of her shoe releasing its grip of her heel. I knew that sound well. Of course, I had to look. I was stunned at what I saw. The stockings she wore had reinforced heels in them.

Most women had turned to sheer to waste pantyhose or at the most, reinforced toe stockings. I still found these styles arousing but I always yearned to see the style of stockings that Norma wore when I was young. Today, Norma reawakened my nylon stocking fetish!

The more I watched her shoe dangle from her nylon covered foot, the more sexually aroused I became. I had to stop stealing glances at Norma’s feet or I would never be able to get up without someone noticing the erection bulging in my pants.

I sat secretly watching her, knowing it was only a matter of time before I brought myself to another climax dreaming of Norma. When her conversation with another neighbor concluded, Norma arose and went to the bathroom. I would not be far behind her only I was certain that I would be doing something far more pleasurable.

When Norma returned a few moments later, there were no open chairs. She looked at me and asked if she could sit on my lap. I smiled as she sat down. She had to weigh less than a hundred pounds. I rested my left hand on the arm of the chair and placed my right hand on her lap.

I felt a small bump on her lap. I thought to myself that her thigh was an odd place for something like that unless, maybe... I needed confirmation so I slid my hand across her dress to her other thigh and felt the same thing. Norma had to be wearing gartered stockings!

After I sensed what I thought she was wearing, my arousal reached another level. Most women had gone to wearing pantyhose. Worse yet, reinforced heels in hosiery had all but disappeared. Norma’s taste in nylons was exactly what I desired. It was as if she was wearing just for me!

I kept my hand over the clasp of her garter as I thought about the stockings she was wearing. I imagined how she must have dressed that day. She must have sat down with her rolled up nylon stocking, slowly inserting her sexy little foot into it and sliding it up her leg. Attaching the reinforced thigh to the tab I was feeling and finally, smoothing out the nylon up her leg. I wondered if all of that touching of the silky stockings made her feel as sexy as she looked in them.

All this was making me squirm with a desire that kept growing. I needed to rearrange my hardening cock, but Norma was sitting on my lap. She had to feel my erection as it grew and hardened. I flexed myself to get it pointed in the most comfortable position. As I was squirming, Norma arose to retrieve her nearby drink. She glanced at my waste as she eased back down onto my lap, gracefully directing my obviously rock-hard manhood to the side.

There I sat with Norma on my lap. My erection pressed between her rear and my thigh. Could she sense my hardness? She had to. With newfound courage, I flexed it. Norma grinned a little but said nothing. I flexed it again. I could feel it moving against my leg. I didn’t care if she could sense it throbbing. I wanted her to feel it. I wanted her to know that she still sexually aroused me.

She crossed her legs and slowly began to swing her ankle back and forth. Every slight movement she made I felt in the head of my erection. She had to know what affect she had on me! I sat back in my chair and gazed at her as each swing of her ankle stoked my sexual excitement.

The longer she sat on my lap, the more excited I became. I knew she had to sense my pulsating erection. I sure could sense it throbbing. All I could think about was having her know I was aroused. I wanted her to feel the strength of my sexual desire for her.

I looked down at her shoes The corners of the reinforced heel of her nylons began to appear. When I saw that, the state of my arousal dramatically increased.

I wanted her to know how I felt so I slowly thrust my hips forward one time as I watched for her reaction. She smirked, turned her head towards me, and smiled.

My heart was racing as the sexual tension continued to build. I glanced down at her shoes. I spread my legs a little further apart as I watched her slowly expose her reinforced heel. Could she sense my excitement? She had to. I couldn’t hold back my climax much longer.

Norma began to wag her dangling heel back & forth. Every cycle I could feel in my erection. She had to know how excited I was!

I looked away to delay my impending orgasm but with Norma sitting on my lap, intentionally or unintentionally fondling me, it was impossible to stay under control. Did she know it? I was getting too close to control myself much longer.

A moment later, I looked down at her shoes and saw the start of the reinforcement surrounding her toes. I could feel it starting. The involuntary pumping, pushing me over the edge. I gave up the fight. I looked at Norma as I my orgasm began. I could not help but squeeze my legs together, gasp and lurch forward the moment I exploded in my pants. Norma turned to me and whispered in my ear “I think I’m squishing you.” Her warm breath in my ear and the smell of her perfume made me tremble with lust filled desire. I involuntarily thrust my hips. She smiled and whispered, “Are you sure you are ok?”

I gasped as spurt after spurt of my orgasm filled my underwear. All I could muster was a very quiet “Yessss.”

I tried to silence my gasps of lust as Norma sat on my lap with my ejaculating cock pumping my sperm for her. Even if she wanted to, there was no way she could rise from my lap. I was holding her firmly against my climaxing erection. She just sat there looking into my eyes and smiling while I came.

After a few moments, the involuntary pumping and spurting began to subside as I slowly recovered from the massive orgasm Norma gave to me in front of everyone. There I sat with underwear full of sperm and the object of my lust sitting on my lap with my pulsating wet cock pressed into her rear. All the while, Norma sat there quietly with a smile on her face looking at me. It was as if she was enjoying my predicament as much as I just had!

After several minutes had elapsed, I began to relax a little. A chair nearby vacated, Norma arose to sit there. As she got up, I let my hand glide across her nylon covered leg. Her nylons were so sensual I had to touch them. Norma turned to me and smiled as she arose. She knew I did something I should not have done, but she let it go.

I sat alone for a few more minutes after Norma had moved until I had calmed down enough to go to the bathroom. My underwear were soaked. I hid them in the garbage and returned to the party wearing no underwear.

I continued to eye Norma and her nylon covered legs from afar. Every few minutes our eyes would meet. I kept wondering if she could read my mind. Did she know what had happened? She had to. It was one of the most intense sexual climaxes I had ever had. I wanted to tell her what happened. I wanted to experience that again with her.

About an hour or so after the greatest orgasm I had ever had, Norma said, “It’s getting late. Would you mind walking me home?”

Of course, I agreed. I would do anything she asked. Almost as soon as I got up, I could feel myself beginning to become aroused again. I quickly walked outside and waited for Norma as she said her goodbyes. While I waited outside, my excitement continued to build. I thought about kissing her. That made me even more excited. I wanted her to be able to see my erection. I decided to open my zipper. I had no underwear on. It was going to be easy to pop it out when the time was right.

When the door opened, Norma looked at me and smiled, never once looking down. We made small talk all the way to her house. My erection never deflated. After walking a while, I could feel the cool air across it. I glanced down and saw that the head of my cock had burst out of my open zipper and was plainly visible. If she looked down, she would see it but she never looked.

When we arrived at her house, I waited outside as she unlocked the door and stepped inside. She kicked off her shoes and gave me a quick peck on the cheek thanking me for walking her home. I wanted so badly to grab her and push my cock into her. “I had a fabulous time,” She said. “And I hope I didn’t crush you earlier, you seemed tense and preoccupied”.

I looked at her nylon-covered feet one last time as I thought about my orgasm on her and said, “No, I was just fine. You can sit on my lap whenever you want!”

Norma said, “Well then goodnight!” I said good night and started to walk down her driveway with my hand stroking my cock. When I heard the door close, I turned around and waved at Norma. That was the last chance I would have that night for Norma to see my erection. I turned up the dark street and thought about what had happened. I masturbated dreaming of Norma as soon as I got home.

Mar 15

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