My wife’s secret affair

I found out my wife 45 year old attractive Wifey was having an affair with a 20 year old summer intern
I knew something was wrong when she started making up excuses for not wanting to have sex. This was very unusual. The summer was almost finished when in the middle of the night her phone went off. I noticed her looking at a text when I questioned her who it was she just said a co worker was letting her know he would not be in for work the following day.I asked to see it when she appeared nervous. There was a pic of a cock half way erect. I finally got to the bottom of it all and she confessed. She had been giving this young guy blowjobs at lunch many times in his car. He would drive up to her side of the building by and he would drive or park whoever and she would suck him off. I asked her if that was the reason we quit having sex and she said yes. Asked her if our sex was limited to her giving me blowjobs and she said yes. Asked her if it was the reason she quit swallowing my cum and she said yes. When I asked her to explain she said his was such a more powerful load and better tasting.I left for her for about a week to think but came back after remembering the things I would say to her during our sex and how I would roleplay which involved a younger hot stud like our waiter, or guys I would catch checking her out.This was exactly what happpened and it happened at her job the only thing she just couldn’t confess to telling me. It happened a few times then it became fun so she just enjoyed it all
In the end it made our sex the hottest ever. She went into details everything and how she was nervous the first few times then she wanted it more ad more

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