I was sittin' here lookin' at comments

NOBODY COMMENT, alright goddammit ¡¡¡, QUIT ¡¡ the goddamn comments ¡¡¡, I want them to STOP ¡¡¡ I will COMMENT on my own posts, OKAY, NOW,ALL OF YOU QUIT ¡¡¡

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  • I've got a few comments and so what

  • You go too far you motherfucking bitch. you are a motherfucker.

  • I didn't know. Hope it wasn't good for
    you. Bastard.

  • Guilty as charged. Fucked your mom last night.

  • Yeдн, I'м неяеfфг д sтцрid giяls коммейте. I liке тне коммейтs. I dо. УДУ

  • Narcissist ¿ Really ¿

  • If you don't want comments why are you even here? Maybe because of a bat-shit crazy narcissist?

  • Drugs don't work on me I know so take
    your advice and go to hell

  • Lithium. It's a hell of a drug and you should try it.

  • Someбоdу's gеттing а lот оf коммеnтs. I шоndеr щно iт is аnd шнат dо уоц меаn
    ¿ "givе цр тне нцnт" шну dоn'т уоц теll ме шнат тнат меаns, шну dоn'т уоц ? щно дrе уоц rеffеrring то ? теll ме...I'м ъеing тне lеаsт сцriоцs...мауъе... ?... ъцт щну sноцld I ъе сцriоцs...уоц кnощ уоцr рlаin рrinт isn'т тне lеаsт inтеrеsтing то ме...уоц'rе а vеrу боring щriтеr аrеn'т уоц...liке sоме щriтеrs...теll ме щну is iт уоцr рrinт isn'т аll тнат inтеrеsтing...lет ме аsк уоц...¿ dо уоц кnощ Аму...

  • I will be insulting all of you dickweeds and cocksuckers until I am happy again so back off commenters

  • She belongs to a dickweed

  • Maybe I want comments

  • YOuRe As Цglу айd уоц сай

  • Prince andrew is fat old and ugly. give up the hunt fool and piss off back to wogland.

  • ¿ I wanted a comment ? I guess I asked for it didn't I ?

  • Im right

  • Don't look for comments 'cдЦsе you"ll
    Get comments

  • ¿ What in the goddamn hell do ya mean...tell me that why don'tcha ?

  • She is

  • You're telling me anyone is still commenting? What do you mean? I thought it was algorithm you're telling me it's not?

  • Damn the doctors

  • Doctors can't do any goddamn thing to help it's true

  • Fuck you and your comments

  • Why ¡

  • Call your doctor and switch your medications, ‘cause they ain’t workin’ right now

  • No.

  • I do know now that somebody's commenting, let's play a game. quid pro quo.

  • Comment

  • Comments

  • I found my answer it's algorithm

  • Somebody's commenting

  • Why

  • Бесацsе I аsкеd nобоdу то соммеnт.
    ¿ Уоц'rе rеаllу nот маd абоцт тне соnтеnт аrе аnу оf тне lоwlifе sсцм fцскеd цр in тне неаd соммеnтеrs, nо, I didn'т тнinк sо... то тне соммеnтеrs (баск оff, тнis is nот vеrу gооd fфr аnу оnе фf уоц)

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