Holding a stare

I’m a bi divorced guy and have always struggled with finding men to have sex with. I guess it’s partly that I’m shy and partly that I’m unsure about approaching a man that may or may not have similar interests. I figured how to let other men do the approaching. I have discovered that holding a stare for and extra second or two makes a huge difference. If you catch someone’s eye and hold the stare longer than normal, and do it say three times, they know you are interested in something. There are enough guys that don’t have my shyness who will then approach me. Once that ice is broken I’m good, and it’s on. On the rare occasion when a guy gets irritated and wants to know why I’m staring, I just apologize and say they look like someone I know and thought maybe it was them. That always addresses it. Now I get much more cock than I used to.

Mar 12

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    • I found it much easier to hook up with a guy over a woman,I've been bi sexual for 18 months and have visited various gay bars,you still have to engage in conversation but I just find it so much easier with a guy

    • Been divorced for 13 years and celibate for too long to remember, waiting for a bi-experience.

    • You can’t wait for it. You have to go get it. Take ownership of your need for cock and don’t give up or give in. Go find cock!!! Online, or bookstores/toys stores, gay bars, cock is out there needing to cum in your mouth.

    • Where? I’m in Maine

    • Atlanta.

    • The gaydar is real - rarely wrong - and has revealed some of the most beautiful cocks for my oral enjoyment. Trust your instincts and grab your balls.

    • Lol…-and theirs! Thanks

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