I'm a straight girl who's only ever slept with women, FML

I'm 23 and straight, only interested in men, but the only people I've ever actually managed to sleep with have been other women.

It's not like I'm swimming in pussy either. We're talking a grand total of five or six times that I've ever had sex; it's just that they've all been with other women.

Part of it is anxiety. I'm scared to approach guys, and guys don't seem interested in approaching me. Women fear rejection too, y'all! So that dries up almost all of the opportunities for sex with men that I'm looking for.

The rest is physical. I have, to use a technical term, a huge ass. As in, wider than some people are tall. I'm proportioned fairly normally otherwise, but I've got the butt of ... something that has a really big butt, I guess.

Why is this a problem? Well, most of the guys who do express any kind of interest do so by GRABBING my ass, without permission (sexual assault: the best way to make a first impression), or by staring at or shouting about it. Many of them make it quite clear that they want to motorboat or "annihilate that ass." Not something that really appeals, y'know? Like, if things click, then maybe, but don't SHOUT at me that all you see me as is a butt-shaped holster for your dick. There's a person connected to this ass, and she doesn't like how you're giving IT all the attention rather than HER.

Which brings me to my "lesbian conquests" or what-have-you. The one thing they've all had in common, other than my desperation for physical intimacy overcoming how I'm really just not into ladies? They've all shown an interest in ME, as a person, and not just as a butt with some chick attached to it. They've TALKED to me, gotten to know me even just a little, discovered shared interests, and been NICE to me. And then, when the really chill lady I've been talking to invites me back to her place with a smile and a wink and maybe a gentle touch on my wrist, I smile and say "sure," even though I know I'm going to be sad and mad at myself when I wake up next to her.

P.S. Hey guys, here's another tip: the one time I've said yes to anal was with another woman, and it was precisely BECAUSE she didn't introduce herself by slapping my ass and saying how she was going to "crush" it. And you know what, it was pretty good. You'll get a lot farther with women if you don't grope or wolf-whistle at them.

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  • Your ass is an asset (no pun intended) to most guys. Use it. They want what is down below too, but embrace it. It's attractive, and let guys "smash" or "hammer" it. You will find some nice guys. If you get pissed off about it, you won't.

  • Gross

  • Sorry about your experiences ! Sounds like you've encountered more than your fair share of douches. Maybe it's the places you frequent ? There are nice guys out there.

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