I’m a guy and love to dance. My wife does not like to dance but understands that I do and has now told me she does not mind if I dance with other women as long as she’s there (I’m not going out dancing without my wife). I do often notice women with their spouse, BF, date who are dancing in their chair and clearly want to dance but their partner is definitely not interested in dancing. I know my wife would be more comfortable if I was dancing with partnered women rather than singles. And I really appreciate my wife’s understanding so I want to be sensitive to her feelings. But I’m not sure about approaching a woman who is with a man and asking her to dance. I’m thinking a lot of guys would get angry. Maybe the women too. Can I get some opinions and input here?

Mar 8

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    • I let my wife dance with guys single or married if they ask her. She looks very sexy and at a function where there is slow dancing, she usually is wearing heels and her legs and ass look great. I learned a lot about her after our marriage as guys would see her and immediately would want to dance with her. That time she was showing some cleavage, as her tits are quite large. Guys are out there holding her, dancing their hands just seem to all move to her ass and even the sides of her tits. When a guys done dancing with your wife and he’s trying to hide a large cock bludgeoned in his pants, then I knew I would be having a problem down the road. When I hung my wife’s coat up that night, she had several business cards in her pocket. I think they all wanted more than a dance!

    • That's nice she gets so much attention help her to get that more the guys want

    • My wife loves to dance but I have two left feet and can't dance for anything. I don't mind her dancing with other men when we go out together. Sometimes guys will feel her up on the dance floor and I understand how that can happen with her because of the way she dresses looking sexy and when she is in the mood she will kiss and make out with a guy when they are slow dancing. She likes to have fun so I don't say anything to her about it. I also know what goes on when I am not with her when she goes out by herself and she's always been honest with me about what happened after she leaves the club with other man that she's been dancing with all night. I understand that it's part of the night life and she gets horny sometimes dancing with other men I don't mind it because she always comes home to me afterwards and she takes care of my needs. I let her have her fun while she's young because her good looks won't last forever.

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