ISO woman into meth and masturbation

I would love to have a girlfriend who would occasionally like to do meth and masturbate with me for hours and hours exchanging taboo ideas

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  • Another meth head on his way to breakouts, rotten mouth and burned out brain matter. Yup thats style !!

  • Your ignorance is overwhelming. I have done meth for over thirty years, and am perfectly healthy with a full set of chompers and a very successful business. Not everyone who uses a drug abuses it. Just like 85% of people who drink alcohol are not alcoholics. Amphetamines are a very safe and beneficial class of medications, when used in moderation. Millions of kids and adults are prescribed amphetamines to treat ADD, and they are not all toothless, anorexic speed freeks.

  • Junkie bastard. Fuck you and your drugs

  • Obviously never experienced an orgasm. Once or twice a Year.

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