Condo Wife

My wife after having gained some weight had decided that she was no longer attractive to other men. I tried to convince her that she still was but she wouldn't listen. We decided to go to Florida to get out of the Massachusetts winter and rented a condo. We were at the pool and there were other couples and two single guys there. The two guys kept looking at my wife in her bathing suit which accentuated her breasts. My wife said that she was starting to burn and went back to our condo. I told her that I was going to stay for a while longer and after she left the two guys came over and sat beside me.
They said that I had a really attractive wife and I said that I knew but she didn't think so. We talked about it and there was a dance that night and the guys asked if we were going to be there. They said that if we were there that they would like to dance with my wife. I went back to the condo and my wife and I took showers and went out for dinner. I drove past where the dance was and my wife noticed all the people. I told her that we should go and we probably would meet some of the other people staying there.
We went to the dance and quite quickly the two guys came over and started talking to us. I introduced the two guys to my wife and said that I talked to them at the pool after she left. One of the guys asked me if it was alright if he danced with my wife and I said that it was up to her. She danced two faster songs and then a slow song started and the guy took my wife in his arms and they danced with their bodies pressed together. Then the other guy went onto the dance floor and danced with my wife. After another slow song, I went and danced with my wife and she rubbed her body against me and she told me that she had done the same with the other guys. All three of us took turns dancing with my wife.
When the band finished for the night one of the guys asked us if we wanted to go to his condo and dance some more. My wife said that she needed to freshen up first and we got the number and went to our condo. When we got there my wife said that she wanted to get fucked and we could fuck there or we could go to the guy's condo and I would have to wait while the two guys fucked her first. I only thought about it for a minute before I told her that we should go to his condo. My wife asked if I was really going to be okay with her being fucked by two other guys. I told her that I wanted her to enjoy herself. So my sweet wife wanted to be fucked by the two men.
We went to his condo and both men were there. They put on some slow dance music and we again took turns dancing with my wife. As I danced with her, I unzipped her dress and it fell to the floor leaving her just in her bra and panties. Then one of the guys took off her bra and the other guy took off her panties. Then I danced with my naked wife while they both took their clothes off. Then one guy got behind my wife and the other in front and all three of them danced naked. My wife was aroused and she said that we could leave and I would be the only man who had ever fucked her or if we stayed she would be fucked by two other men. I wanted her to be fucked by them so I told her that we should stay. I took her hand and led her to the bedroom and the two guys followed. I laid her on the bed and told the guys to enjoy her but to listen and only do what she wanted them to. As I sat and watched one guy put his dick in my wife's mouth and the other guy got between her legs and she immediately guided him into her. She was so wet that he slid completely into her and started to urgently fuck her. He came quickly and the other guy took his place and also came quickly. Then I got between her legs and she told me that she loved me and I also came inside of her. Both of the guys fucked her again. We stayed the night and all of us fucked my wife again the next morning.

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    • I thought it said Condor Wife
      Cuz your wife was half condor
      That would be cool

    • CONDOR WIFE! In Color! Tuesdays at 7:30 on your NBC affiliate station

    • Yeah we kinda did this in Florida too only they tied me up and called like five other guys and they all beat and fucked my wife, and a couple dudes ass raped me and they took all our money and valuables and even stole our rental car. The worst part was when they made me suck their shitty sucks clean. My wife’s still in therapy about the whole incident but I’ll admit I jack off a lot thinking about it.

    • Hot

    • I would share my wife, she is a prude. 7-7 I'm sharing my girl friend with another guy. She wants two guys, I'm in

    • I'm so sick of these women with self-esteem issues and the media that fuels it. Women just don't get that most men are very forgiving over perceived flaws as the men are far from perfect as well. Why can't people just be more accepting and forgiving of themselves and just be happy that others find them attractive.

    • That’s hot!! I also have a similar wife that thinks she’s unattractive. I have a couple of friends that she really loves fucking and both of them cum inside her

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