Men dancing with my wife

Since I don't like to dance, I encourage my wife to dance with other guys when we go out. I like to watch them touch my wife during slow dances. We have always gone home together and have had great sex then. I have been telling her that it is okay with me if she goes home with another guy and comes back to me the next day after she has been fucked. We both have never been with others and I really want to lay in bed all night waiting for her to come home knowing that she is being fucked by another man. I would be so jealous. I would love to fuck her with another man's come inside her. I also hope that she gets pregnant by another man. It would be very embarrassing to know that the baby growing inside her was from another man fucking my wife. She has danced with a black man the last two times that we went to the club. It would really great if he bred my wife and then everyone would know that I was not the father of the baby. My mother-in-law and father-in-law would both have a fit knowing that a black man had fucked their precious daughter.

4 months ago


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    • My wife was fucking black guys before we got married. And her family had already disowned her because of that. When I came along her mother pushed us into getting married. My wife was 7 at the time and her mother signed the papers for us to get married. The old saying is true once you go black you never go back. My wife would go to the bars nd come home with a black guy. He fucked her really good all night. Then leave in the morning. She told me that she didn't love any of them that it was just about the sex.i have to admit that she was a good fuck. She would let me do anything I wanted to her. She even had one guy move in with us and we both were fucking her together. She got pregnant we didn't know who the father was. She had a little black baby girl and he moved out and took off we never seen him again. I married a slut and she turned into a wife.

    • My wife and I went to her high school reunion where she ran into her boyfriend whom she had planned to marry after they graduated. He went to the military instead and broke it off with her. She asked if I minded her dancing with him. I gave my blessing but never could have imagined what happened. He started grabbing her ass, which I tried to ignore. Later she disappeared and wouldn't answer her phone. I would find out the next day she slipped off with him and fucked.

    • What did you do? Did you leave her for fucking another guy or did you it make you want to have sex with her knowing that she had just fucked another man? Was he her first lover that took her virginity?

    • My wife only dates black guys, because I know she won’t leave me for one. Her family would disown her if she did. So I allow it, she dates black men, goes out dancing with a group of them and makes the round of the bunch and eventually finds another group. She’s been doing this and them for years. Keeps her happy since I don’t want to have sex with her at all. I have my own fin with young women.

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