Long time fantasizer

My wife and I have been married what seems like forever. At first I was jealous and did not like other guys checking her out; however after many years of marriage all that has changed.

I did convince her to swap partners with a co-worker and his wife when she was 20. I had a great experience with his wife; however, my wife was reluctant to share her experience with me so all I had was the fantasy.

I often wonder if she had a great orgasm and didnt want to hurt me or if she truly did not enjoy it as much as I did.

Later on in marriage she did not do anything sexual with the exception of wearing daring outfits (no bra with sheer top), erotic dancing with other men, grinding and dirty dancing as well as dancing with black men with one having his hand on her ass during their dance and they were grinding on the dance floor.

I know it is crazy but i often think about this and wish I could have taken it a step further, but never did. I think she could have been convinced but I was too nervous to pursue it.

Anybody women had this kind of experience with your mate and wish they would have pursued?

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