Girlfriend plays naked game

My girlfriend likes to play a game where she gets caught naked or semi naked. My girlfriend is shy and has a knockout body. She knows guys are checking her out all the time and she likes it but is too shy to let them see more. So she came up with this game where she will get caught naked or partially naked. We have been in a hotel room and I will order breakfast in the morning. She remains in bed and when room service arrives I have them bring it into the room quietly where she is pretending to be asleep. When she hears our voices in the room she turns over pulling the covers off of her revealing all or part of her naked body. She pretends to still be asleep and room service gets a surprise. I always just smile and shrug my shoulders as they leave the room. Then she opens her eyes to see what she showed them. She always smiles and squeals a little in her shy voice and says did he look? I always say oh yeah he was looking you over pretty good. She always blushes and giggles.

Other times a similar scenario at a hotel room and I order dinner. When she hears room service in the room she will walk out naked with a towel drying her hair and saying something to me like she doesn’t know someone else is in the room. They always get a full frontal view before she stops drying her hair and realizes they are in the room. She always apologizes and goes back into the bathroom giving them a view of her backside as well. She always says the same thing. Were they looking at me? I always tell her yeah they got to see both sides. She always gives me that shy look and giggles because someone saw here naked.

One of her favorites is to be laying naked in the sun by our pool when I’m not home. Then I bring someone home from work and we walk out to the pool area where she is pretending to be asleep in the sun. I always tell the person I bring home to be quiet and point to her sleeping. We grab a beer or something and set by the pool too where they get full view of her. We talk quietly and she controls how long they get to look by waking up when she wants to. Several times she May shift in her lounge chair giving them a little different angle to see her. She has shaved herself lately and always shifts in her chair leaving her legs open a little so her pretty lips are viewable. When she has been viewed as much as she wants then she wakes up from her pretend sleep always acts surprised and embarrassed that someone is there and grabs her swimsuit and puts it back on and apologizes shyly and blushing. She always says have you been here long and I always say we just got here. She always looks at our guest and apologizes and says how embarrassed she is and wasn’t expecting company. After our company leaves she always asks were they looking at me? I always tell her yes and what they seem to be admiring the most. When I told her once that when she shifted and her lips were easily viewed that our guest couldn’t keep his eyes off of them, she said really? She bit her lower lip with a smile and looked down at herself and then back at me and said really again? I said he kept looking at her tits and then back between her legs. She giggled and said I wondered what he might be looking at the most. I told her no doubt he liked looking between her legs the most. She would kind of squeal and shyly say OMG I let them look between my legs for 30 minutes before I woke up. That is so much fun. And they like looking? I said they love looking. She said she never opens her eyes so she doesn’t know what they are looking at but imagines in her mind what they are seeing. She’s always horny after one of her games and sex is great so I don’t mind playing.

I have suggested that one day I will bring home a group of guys and she can be asleep by the pool in front of all of them. She squealed and said a group of guys looking at me naked I don’t know if I can do that. I said we could have her on a blowup mattress instead of a lounge chair by the pool and she would be able to open her legs wider than on the chair. She said stop as she squealed and giggled at the thought with her head back biting her lower lip and smiling thinking about letting a group see her naked and legs open. She said wouldn’t that be something. I said well we could always take her swimsuit while she was sleeping and when she woke up she wouldn’t have anything to put on. She said OMG no then I would be able to see them looking at me. She said I would run into the house. I said I would have to instruct them not to let you out of the pool area. She said OMG I would be so embarrassed. I said well we could always say that if she were to lay back down on the air mattress and open her pretty legs for everyone then we would let her get dressed. She said OMG I would be looking at them looking at me with my legs open, I would be so embarrassed. She said it might be exciting for a group to see her but we have to stick to the game and she has to pretend to be asleep and when she wakes she has to be able to get dressed. I said ok we will stick to the game. She then giggled and shyly said I like the air mattress idea instead of the lounge chair though if you want to do that. I said it’s not about what I wanted because it was her game. She said but you like the game don’t you? I said she was Smokin hot and I liked her game. She said ok then. She said I will leave it up to you how many you bring home on the days we play the game. Then she got up to go in the house and turned and winked at me and giggled and said get a full or queen size air mattress. I said what? Why? She actually blushed and shyly said it will give me plenty of room to spread out. She went into the house and I knew she was going to the bedroom. When I got there she was laying naked on the bed with legs wide open pretending to be asleep. When I walked in and looked at her she grinned with her eyes closed and said honey is this a queen size bed? I laughed and said yes, I believe it is. I knew what she was thinking.

Does anyone else have a woman that likes to be seen but needs to play a game to do it?

Feb 28


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    • My girlfriend always leaves the bathroom door open when we go to a hotel. I order room service and when it is delivered she always walks out naked to see what was delivered. She smiles and says hello to whoever made the delivery and tries to strike up a conversation to see how long they will stay and talk to her naked. That’s her game. The record is about 30 minutes and strangely enough that was a female delivery person that seemed to really enjoy my gf naked.

    • Sounds like she would take ifmt further with the group of guys. Let them all take turns with her and leave you a yummy treat. My wife took on 6 dudes, her pussy tasted so good after!

    • Only 6? Is that in one sitting? Lol

    • Yep

    • Impressive. Did you watch or participate?

    • Both, got to clean ger up also. Delicious!

    • Impressed. Did you ever take pictures or videos?

    • Did you take pictures? Lol

    • Yes. Both my stepdaughters played that game with me. They would leave bathroom door open or bedroom door open just enough for me to peek in

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