Making desire a reality

I am a bi male. I have, in the privacy of my home, have expirimented in the past, and again recently.
I have gone out in public a few time but under very limited exposure.
My desire: I want to put it completely out there in a place where I shouldn't be known.
I have a plan to make it a reality.
I am overweight. I have purchased a pretty, red coctail dress. I can it my inspiration dress. It does not fit at my present weight so, it inspires me to lose weight.
When it does fit- I'm dressing up and going to thr Ruby Tuesdays in Gaylord for a drink. I plan on socially interacting with people

Feb 26

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    • Nice! I hope it makes you feel very feminine and sexy. Good luck and enjoy.

    • It does. I have purchased a couple of skirts. I have been putting on one and going to the dress store every morning.
      It is a safe environment for me to unfold the new me.

    • Good for you! I applaud you for giving this a try and working towards a goal like this. Love to hear how it goes.

    • Today I went shopping for a bra. I found one I like and bought it.
      To date : I now own 4 dresses 2 Cocktail 2 casual., 3 skirts, 3 blouses, and a bra
      I have now visited 4 dress stores in my feminine clothing Soon I plan to go to Kohls to shop.
      When I lose my weight and the cocktail dress fits nicely, I'm going to a restaurant.

    • Today will be a big step. I went to a dress store last week to browse. When talking to the associate I disclosed I was shopping for myself. She was very understanding and accepting. I ended up trying and buying a skirt .
      I went back the next day. I took my skirt with me- hoping to try it on and look at tops.
      There was a different Associate there, so, I showed her I brought the skirt with me. I told her I was not ready to walk across the parking lot with it on. She was very understanding and accepting as well. The store was busy so I letlft without putting it on
      The next morning I got dressed in the skirt and a hoodie. I drove to the store, parked in the parking lot and walked into the store. I was so afraid but, I knew the staff already knew I was crossdressing so, it was a safe place.
      Today I am driving to another town. I will be wearing a black sweater skirt and a unisex top. I am going, hopefully going to walk into the store without any prior contact with the associates.
      I am both terrified and excited to be planning this

    • I drove to the other city and went to Maurice's dress store. It was an amazing experience. The sales associates were very accepting and helpful
      I also found a dress that I like

    • I have started a blog on medium called My Journey to crossdressing.
      I have been visiting a dress store while wearing a skirt. It is so liberating.

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