Help me be the little girl inside me

I.m 56 year old man from 4 years old i have known i should have been a girl loved dolls , pretty dress at that age but my parent keep telling me i grow out of it I did not just hid it from them So been cross dress all my life now need help to free me from my male mind to be a little girl so need someone who like to have me as there little girl to dress up pretty train me to be a good little girl who will obey ,, i will be a dream little girl to the person who want me

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  • How young will you like to be as girl

  • Oh love to be treated as a 3 to 4 year old girl or older if you want to

  • I'm 68 years old I love you have you as my 4 year old daughter , you have to wear diapers eat kids food and pleasure me will be shaved only hair on your head

  • Oh yes Sir i love to be your 4 year old daughter wearing diapers eat kids food and pleasure you ,,, oh yes i will only have hair on my head

  • Ok we now need to meet up for this to happen so need a way to contact you off this site e-mail or phone number

  • Ok here my e-mail
    can i ask were you live in the world ?

  • I live in london uk
    How far do you want to be a little girl as i know doctors in Charing cross Hosptal who can help

  • Oh as far you like me to go Sir
    I live in Watford

  • I want you to have a full sex change, nice pussy for me to use and etc

  • Oh yes Sir love that
    we could meet a westfield in white city

  • Oh yes a good place to meet up

  • Ok 1st Aug out side the apple store i be waiting for you Sir to meet to see if you like what you see

  • Oh yes I be there to meet you and we buy you some nice dresses etc
    then pop over to Charing Cross Hospital to see my friend so we can the ball rolling for you to full a girl xxxx

  • Looking forward to are meeting tomorrow Sir
    will love shop with you and see your friend too

  • My daddy has told me to write tell you i have found the man of my dream i'm hormones , dressed in nice dresses skirts , tops have my pink bedroom with dolls and teddy bears and cot to sleep in

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