Cousins perfect feet

Imagine your cousin is
1drop dead gorgeous
2 legit has the most beautiful size 5 perfect aligned toes just perfect feet
Now I have the biggest foot fetish ever I am also very good looking. So I always wondered if she wanted me to even tho thought of us being cousins is sick.

When we were kids I would mess around with her and lick her soles and she wouldn’t pull her feet away. Fast forward now we are adult we are out partying one night get trashed her little feet dancing all over barefoot.
We go home we are watching tv then she lays down behind me on the couch.
I’m on the floor she puts her dirty feet (another thing i love and hers dirty from dancing all night bar barefoot as I stated lol) anyway now her sexy feet are behind my head. So I’m laying there talking and she passes out “supposedly” ironically while sleeping for 2 mins tops lol her little toes hit back my head few times. Now I’m getting hard trying not to go where I went
Finally I turn around I couldn’t resist
I see her dirty soles little toes right in my face
And go in I start licking them from heel to top toes licking them clean now my cock is rock hard i pull it out put in my hand start rubbing it and making some moans from time to time loud enough she can hear
I’m licking both soles then start sucking her little toes and I mean sucking each one very hard.

Now I’m jerking my cock can’t believe what I’m doing to my cousin.
So after licking her soles literally clean her feet are soaked with my spit her toes dripping for ant least 20 mins straight with her wiggling from time to time like she is cumming

then I came all over them huge load
I whipped it off and went to bed.

This entire time she was “asleep” but there is no way she was sleeping am I wrong?

Feb 26

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    • At time 33 her 30

    • Me 32 her 29 when happened

    • How old?

    • You ain't wrong! She's wanted that for years!

    • I new it

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