My Naughty Side

I’m not the perfect husband simply because I have a naughty side that I can’t tell my significant other about. A few years ago I was seduced by a mature cougar and it was my first experience doing it with a curvy woman with a huge ass & doing deep penetration. She showed me such a good time & she ended up being my FWB for three months. Then a year later I was seduced by a young female 23 yr old who also had a big ass & she blew my mind in bed, but ended it when her man got out of jail. These experiences weren’t to far apart. The thing is I don’t call them “affairs” “cheating” or any other ugly word. I call them sexy encounters and moments. It’s like, I believe wives, significant others, and fiancés all make us feel complacent to a point where sex is a routine and after a decade or two it gets mundane, repetitive and boring. Therefore I embrace the other sexy moments in life just to take a break from the norm. Currently I’ve got a sexxy gilf thats 54 w/ a dynamite body and a beautiful ass ( i worship it lol) & shes crazy about me , no bullshit. For example i love how she teases me, like whenever she drops something in front of me. She’ll bend over w/ no panties on, just to show me her sexxy ass. Whenever I get to see her she has me smiling from ear to ear like a kid in a candy store. She looks so good in a mini robe with her tits poppin out, god that drives me insane. So yeah Ive been with my significant other for 20 years but whenever I get time to myself I get a little naughty with women who bring the naughty out of me .. I don’t do it normally its just when I get to sneak out the house & thats once a blue moon .. I’m sure not many will agree with me but hey, i love life & every now & then, life will make love to me lol

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  • So, you try to put a fun spin on it but you're STILL a cheater. One day you're gonna bring home an STD to your "significant other" and it's all going to blow up on you.

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