I stopped caring who had me....

I was forced by an ex boy friend - ended up pregnant.
While I was pregnant 2 old lovers I'd broken up with came sniffing back around. I let them have all the sex they wanted with me.
One day - I did the one guy at lunch time - nd the other in the evening. I let them both have me.
Near term - my Dr let me now the baby had congenital medical issues and would not survive long after birth.
After that happened - I was really down - I started on the Pill and went through 2 or 3 years of shameless fucking. Men wanted me because I am pretty - and I was good at sex. "Popular girls swallow"...that is very true. Word got around. Even the leader of a teen group at church hit on me. Successfully. Friends of my father. Brother in law. Sister's boy friends. 3 bosses.
I was easy.
Eventually - I closed my knees. I still don't know why I did. I just did.
And met a nice older man - who knows my history - I gave him 2 children and we have been together for 8 years!
It was, and still is, awkward when I'm in the presence of some of those many men who've fucked and sucked me. And me, them.
But it is the price one pays.
Guys can get down - but women end up easy meat in the same situations.

Feb 23

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    • I am not ashamed of what I did before I was married or afterwards because men think with their dicks and they are so easy to control when they want to get layed. My husband who I have known since we were teenagers loves me and allows me to have sex with other men and I love him for that. I started having sex when I was 13 years old and I quickly realized that guys will do anything to get in my pants. I have been called a slut and a whore and a nasty girl growing up but guys still wanted to be with me. After I was married I have had a lot of boyfriend's that take me out and buy me things and wine and dine me just so they can fuck me. I have one man now that takes me on vacation in Jamaica once a year because I suck his cock and let him have my pussy I think it funny that men will do anything to be with a hot looking woman. As far as my husband goes we have a great relationship together and to be honest I love having sex with him because he just doesn't fuck me he makes love to me.

    • So you are just a whore???? Wow
      So you bad mouth men for trying to get in your pants but you give it up for gifts and trips??? High priced escort should be your career move lol
      Love it when loser women get hypocritical😂

    • Your past is just that, past. People behave that way for a lot of different reasons, Being forced (raped?) and then losing a baby can both be very painful and cause feelings of guilt for which you may punish yourself with tough behavior. But you now have a wonderful life, are a good person, and should be proud and happy. It sounds like you may feel guilty which is why you “confessed” here. But guilt is a waste of time. Don’t beat yourself up about it. I know that’s easy to say. If you still feel that way and can’t shake those feelings, talk to a counselor. And ignore some of the comments by fools here. They’re not half the person you are. Be well. Good luck.

    • Stop beating yourself up. So what? You fucked a hundred guys and swallowed gallons of cum. Does your husband love you? Do you love him? Do you care for your children? Love them? Protect them? Nurture them? Then you are miles ahead! Get on with living this phase of your life.

    • I'm glad you are now in a better place.

    • You want those men again, just admit it. When hubby is old and can’t fuck you anymore…you will seek them out…..cause I am one of them.

    • You sound like the perfect slut

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